Nuclear Death – Fetal Lament Homesick Lyrics

A mother’s nightmare – to lose her only child
A loss of life, an infant’s tragic death
A family torn apart with pain and sorrow
What it the child should return…?

A mother’s nightmare – to see her child drown
she cries for her child’s life, my death
In her arms she holds my lifeless form
I open my eyes and cry…

A mother’s nightmare – to watch her child burn
The burning smell of cooking flesh

I’m charred beyond death itself
Then I sit up and scream…

Dead babies ferment in a field of flowers
Overgrown with weeds and disease
Dead babies rot in a field of flowers
Turning black in their own blood…

Dead babies dead under a sky so black
Bleeding eternally
Dead babies dead in a field so black
But what it they should live…?

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