FBI monitoring of social media posts before Jan 6 raises more questions of how much it REALLY knew prior to Capitol Hill riot

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By Kit Klarenberg, an investigative journalist exploring the role of intelligence services in shaping politics and perceptions. Follow him on Twitter @KitKlarenberg

Publicly, US authorities have rigidly stuck to the story that no one saw the January 6 Capitol ruckus coming. But the publication of internal documents is casting further doubt on the established version of events.

On June 21, NBC News reported on a recent court filing that raises further questions about whether the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) foresaw what happened in Washington DC on January 6 and, if so, why the agency failed to sound the alarm in good time. 

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The document in question is an FBI investigative report on social media activity prior to that fateful day, produced in February, showing that enraged Donald Trump supporters were openly talking about bringing firearms to the Capitol in order to instigate a “revolution.” The offending posts were used as justification to launch a probe into protest attendee Thomas Webster, a former New York Police Department officer, who was indicted the following month for attacking a Capitol Police officer.

“A review of open source and social media posts leading up to and during the event indicates that individuals participating on the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally were angered about the results of the 2020 presidential election and felt that Joseph Biden had unlawfully been declared President-Elect,” the report stated. “Users in multiple online groups and platforms discussed traveling to the Capitol armed or making plans to start a ‘revolution’ on that day.”

Oddly, Webster himself didn’t feature in those incendiary discussions, and it’s unknown if any other individuals arrested for their role in the riot did. In all, 521 people have been charged as of June 11. 

It’s also unknown if the FBI was aware of that social media activity before January 6, although Bureau Director Christopher Wray has consistently dismissed suggestions his agency had reason to believe there was trouble brewing in Washington until all hell had actually broken loose.

For example, on June 15, he told the House Oversight Committee that the FBI “did not have actionable intelligence that indicated hundreds of people were going to breach the Capitol or storm the Capitol.” He went on to assert that Justice Department rules governing the Bureau’s ability to monitor social media meant networks couldn’t be surveilled “just in case” of possible trouble ahead.

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In fact, Attorney General guidelines on domestic FBI operations allow the agency to do just that, and there were sound reasons indeed to employ those powers. State capitol buildings have been invaded during several previous protests, with DC’s own overwhelmed at the conclusion of the 2017 Women’s March. Mere days after the riot, too, domestic extremism researchers drew attention to thousands of online postings they’d collated over weeks prior blatantly spelling out attendees’ objectives – including a flyer, widely shared on Facebook and Instagram in December, overtly referring to the protest as “Operation Occupy the Capitol”. 

The Bureau would appear to have had strong reason to have predicted, and prepared for, such an eventuality, and an internal Situational Information Report emailed by the FBI’s office in Norfolk, Virginia, to Capitol Police on January 5 – with the subject line “potential criminal activities in the Washington DC area planned for tomorrow” – makes abundantly clear at least some elements within the agency were on high alert in advance. 

The document noted individuals had shared maps of the building on social media, discussed prospective gathering points for participants to meet in Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina so they could descend upon Washington in groups, and actively incited violence. 

“Be ready to fight. Congress needs to hear glass breaking, doors being kicked in, and blood from their [Black Lives Matter] and Pantifa slave soldiers being spilled. Get violent. Stop calling this a march, or rally, or a protest. Go there ready for war. We get our President or we die. NOTHING else will achieve this goal,” a fiery post from an online thread quoted in the report said.

A Senate review of “security, planning, and response failures” on January 6 criticized the FBI’s use of email to relay the warning, as this method of communication “failed to ensure the intelligence was escalated appropriately,” and “something of this magnitude” should be transmitted by “prompt phone calls” instead. 

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The FBI and Department of Homeland Security were also admonished for not publishing an intelligence bulletin before the protest as both agencies typically do in advance of major public events, although that was attributed to the pair’s alleged reticence to base intelligence on potentially idle chatter that could be categorized as political speech protected under the First Amendment. 

The review’s treatment of the curious delay in deploying the National Guard was even more flaccid. A timeline of events published by the Department of Defense two days later suggests DC Mayor Muriel Bowser asked for “an unspecified number of additional forces” from the US Army Secretariat at 13:34 pm on January 6, just under 40 minutes before rioters first gained entry to the Capitol. For reasons unclear, it took an hour-and-a-half for the Pentagon to acquiesce, and a further 20 minutes for Bowser to receive confirmation her appeal had been greenlit. 

More perplexingly still, it wasn’t until 17:02 pm that the Guard finally arrived on the scene, by which time the situation had essentially fizzled out all on its own. Nonetheless, the review dubiously credits this sequence of events to Bowser not making a “direct request” for National Guard help, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy failing to “appreciate the gravity of the situation” until long after TV news networks had begun broadcasting footage of the scenes unfolding in the Capitol, and “opaque” Capitol Police Board processes having “slowed requests for National Guard support.” 

Conversely, the review makes no mention of mainstream media reports in the immediate aftermath of January 6 suggesting that some Capitol Hill staffers were specifically told by supervisors not to attend work that day due to increased risk levels, or the Capitol Police’s failure to employ precautions such as frozen zones and hardened barriers commonly used for major events in the area. This may at least partially account for why the muddled mob gained access to the building quite so easily, and encountered such scant resistance once inside.  

Almost six months on, the truth of what happened in the days, weeks, and months leading up to January 6 seems no closer at hand. In fact, it appears further out of reach than ever – not least due to seemingly every new media report or official statement on the case casting doubt on its established narrative. 

Quite clearly though, the idea that the riot resulted solely from “intelligence failures” seems increasingly unlikely – leaving many to ask how much more could have been done to prevent it happening, and why it wasn’t.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Grifters gonna grift: The Lincoln Project’s Twitter re-enactment of the Capitol Hill riot is a pathetic attempt to stay relevant

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By Lauren Chen, a social and political commentator who has appeared on Fox News, BlazeTV, OANN, Newsmax, The Daily Wire and Rebel News. Follow her on Twitter @thelaurenchen

In an effort to break their fall from grace, the anti-Trump Lincoln Project reposted their tweets from January 6. It won’t work though, since as far as the left-leaning media are concerned, they’ve served their purpose.

100 days ago, pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol to protest the certification of Joe Biden as President-Elect of the United States of America. 

To commemorate the event, The Lincoln Project, a well-known political action committee, decided to reenact their social media posts from that day, along with the hashtag “#Jan6NeverAgain.” 

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For those unfamiliar with The Lincoln Project, invoking the same “Never Again” rhetoric that is used regarding the Holocaust in reference to the relatively small, though still distressing, January 6th riot may seem like a strange, if not downright disrespectful decision. However, anyone who has followed the group’s quick rise to fame and spectacular downfall will likely recognize this as simply their latest attempt to use inflammatory political messaging as a tool of self-promotion.

The left’s favorite Republicans (who just so happen to support Democrats) 

In 2020, the Lincoln Project was a darling to the corporate press. They marketed themselves as disillusioned “conservatives” taking a principled stand against Donald Trump and his populist, dissident right allies in the GOP. In response, left-leaning outlets like CNN, The Atlantic, and the New Yorker gave the Lincoln Project adoring coverage and interviews, pleased to have their assertions of Trump’s extremism vindicated by former Republicans. 

This promotion proved to be lucrative and, leading up to the election, the Lincoln Project raised tens of millions of dollars. These funds were used to produce slick, incendiary attack ads, such as one pinning all American COVID deaths personally on Trump, and another which implied that if elected again, he would refuse to ever leave office.

Ultimately, the group saw its original goal fulfilled, and Donald Trump was removed from the presidency. In the aftermath of the election, however, the Lincoln Project has struggled to maintain relevance and, even more distressingly for the organisation, donations.

The Fall From Grace

Once it became clear that Biden would be sworn in as President, there was a notable shift in the attitude toward the Lincoln Project. While the group may have been an ally against Trump and his supporters in 2020, once Trump was gone, their utility, and therefore favor, with the left had worn out.

Specifically, in the days following the election, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused the group of being in “scam territory,” as although the Lincoln Project had told donors they wanted to target disaffected Republicans, exit polling revealed that Trump actually gained popularity in the GOP from 2016 to 2020. 

Ocasio-Cortez then further challenged the group to donate any remaining funds they had, or money that they could raise in the future, to progressive groups.that had “actually made a difference.” 

Adding to the Lincoln Project’s post-election woes was also a series of unfortunate personnel issues. Co-founder John Weaver resigned following a series of sexual harassment and misconduct allegations. Then, Jennifer Horn, another co-founder, resigned citing Weaver’s behavior and a difference in vision for the group’s future. The Lincoln Project responded on social media by accusing Horn of having unreasonable demands. 

Next, Steve Schmidt, yet another co-founder, also resigned in order to “make room for the appointment of a female board member as the first step to reform and professionalize the Lincoln Project.” 

The Lincoln Project’s statement on Jennifer Horn’s resignation. pic.twitter.com/eSJiDZweLj

— The Lincoln Project (@ProjectLincoln) February 6, 2021

These developments, along with the revelation that $50 million of the group’s $90 million donations went to organizations controlled by founders, ensured that the Lincoln Project’s time in the limelight came to an unceremonial end.

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Renewing The Grift? 

In light of their questionable history, it’s hard not to view the Lincoln Project’s commemoration of the January 6th riot as anything other than an attempt to stir up Trump derangement syndrome again in order to relive (or even revive) their former glory. And to their credit, it seems to be working, at least in part.

Many in the replies to their January 6th post appear to be as terrified at the possibility of a “Trumpian” insurrection as they were on the day itself. But whether the Lincoln Project will manage to conjure up spectre of rightwing extremism terrifying enough to overshadow their problematic past, and once again propel them to notoriety, remains to be seen.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s nonsensical likening of Capitol riot to Kristallnacht is a haunting pretext for dehumanizing Trump voters

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By Tony Cox, a US journalist who has written or edited for Bloomberg and several major daily newspapers.

It’s disgusting enough when a manipulator diminishes the horrors of the Holocaust by disingenuously invoking the Nazis to demonize a political enemy. It’s downright nauseating when the invoker is a morally bankrupt Hitler admirer.

Enter stage far-left, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The former Governor of California — who said “I don’t remember” when he was confronted in 2003 with an old interview transcript noting his admiration for the Fuhrer — is winning plaudits on social media for posting a viral Twitter video on Sunday that absurdly compared 1938’s Kristallnacht to last Wednesday’s US Capitol riot.

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The Austrian-born actor’s attempt at likening the Night of Broken Glass to the day when windows were broken at the Capitol was stupid, sure, but it was also devious. With dramatic music playing in the background and a propagandist’s confident stare straight into the camera, Schwarzenegger leaped from defaming the Proud Boys — calling them the equivalent of the Brownshirts who terrorized German Jews on Kristallnacht — to condemning President Donald Trump and his “enablers” as coup engineers.

He framed his tale as a warning from someone who grew up in the ashes of Adolf Hitler’s fallen reich. He spoke of how his father and the other former Nazi Party members on the block took out their emotional pain and guilt by getting drunk and abusing their wives and children.

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The messaging is clear: This is what can happen when a nation loses its democracy, when people are misled and, little by little, go along with an evil leader’s lies and intolerance. It goes without saying who is cast this time as the guy with the strange mustache.

“President Trump sought to overturn the results of an election, and of a fair election,” the script reads. “He sought a coup by misleading people with lies. My father and our neighbors were misled also with lies, and I know where such lies lead.”

The crowd ate it up. The video had nearly 34 million views by Monday afternoon, and the reviews were glowing.

Actress Alice Evans called the video “among the top 10 speeches I’ve ever heard.” Journalist and author David Cay Johnston praised the message as “smart insights from someone who understands that Donald is a clear and present danger to our liberty.” Actor Tommy Chong lamented that foreign-born Schwarzenegger isn’t eligible to run for president: “What an intelligent president he would have made.”

This must be among the top ten speeches I've ever heard. It's hit me viscerally. I feel hope. I feel like – I want to be a better person. ❤️

— Alice Evans (@AliceEvansGruff) January 10, 2021

Smart insights from someone who understands that Donald is a clear and present danger to our liberty.

— David Cay Johnston (@DavidCayJ) January 10, 2021

Imagine if Arnold was born in America, and what an intelligent president he would have made. https://t.co/wIEgtc9Lt0

— Tommy Chong (@tommychong) January 11, 2021

On the contrary, Schwarzenegger is more like a symbol of the pop-culture stupefying of America, from his acting to his politics. Comparing the Capitol riot, born out of an election-fraud protest, to Kristallnacht — when synagogues and Jewish businesses were destroyed in a direct precursor to the Holocaust – is next-level ignorance. The fact that so many people bought it says a lot about where we are.

But it’s not surprising in a country where millions of people were trained to believe Trump is a Nazi because he threatened to govern the US in the interests of American citizens. They see him as a dangerous dictator, even though he’s the one being censored, and the deceivers who propagandized against him get book deals and bigger audiences than they ever deserved.

It’s only fitting that the moralizer who’s telling anti-Trump Americans what they want to hear today is someone who has no business lecturing anyone. 

He groped and humiliated women in Hollywood for decades, which he admitted in 2018 after lying about it on the campaign trail in 2003. His marriage to Maria Shriver essentially ended in 2011, after it came to light Schwarzenegger had an affair – and a child – with his housemaid. And at least two black bodybuilders have accused the former Mr. Olympia of racist abuse.

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It also seems Arnie had something of a soft spot for Adolf in the past. Schwarzenegger was quoted in a 1975 interview saying, “I admired Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power. I admire him for being such a good public speaker and for what he did with it.”

But all of that will be forgotten today. Schwarzenegger, who made no such video when Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters were burning America’s cities and breaking glass last summer, is a hero again. He ripped the Bad Orange Man. And he’s chiming in at just the right time in a push to inflict retribution on Trump’s supporters.

“What are we to make of those elected officials who have enabled his lies and his treachery?” Schwarzenegger asked. He added: “John F. Kennedy wrote a book called Profiles in Courage. A number of members of my own party, because of their own spinelessness, would never see their names in such a book. I guarantee you. They’re complicit with those who carried the flag of self-righteous insurrection into the Capitol.”

All over America, people are being investigated and, in some cases, fired on suspicion that they attended last week’s pro-Trump protest in Washington. Those who support Trump are guilty by association. Businesses are being warned not to hire people who worked for Trump. The cancel mobs won’t have it. 

“Let it be known to the business world: Hire any of Trump’s (Press Secretaries) fellow fabulists-and Forbes will assume that everything your company or firm talks about is a lie.” -‘Why We’re Holding Those Who Lied For Trump Accountable’ https://t.co/oFMo9RP6yK

— Mia Farrow (@MiaFarrow) January 11, 2021

People are making blacklists, millions of Americans are being dehumanized, and their woes are being celebrated.

Does any of this sound familiar?

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Welcome to the Big Tech Sweepstakes, where BLM looters win corporate prizes, and Capitol Hill rioters get the boot!

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Step up ladies and gentlemen, and take a chance to have your movement promoted by the Silicon Valley overlords, who really aren’t in bed with the Democratic Party, honest. You can trust us, we’ve fact-checked it for you!

Hello and thank you for participating in the Big Tech Sweepstakes, where your political movement could win the approval of the mighty corporations that now dominate your lives! Isn’t democracy great? Oh look, we have a contestant! Could you please state your name, sir, and tell us a little bit about yourself?

BLM: Hi, sure, my name is Black Lives Matter, but my friends call me BLM. I am a social justice movement that first appeared in 2013 after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the murder of the black teenager Trayvon Martin. But my real claim to fame came with the nationwide protests that began in May 2020 with the death of George Floyd, a black man, who was killed during an arrest by a racist white cop.

And are you certain the cop was a racist? I mean, isn’t it possible the officer was just poorly trained to responsibly carry out his duties?

BLM: Hello? As I said, he was white. And, as critical race theory teaches, racism is practically a genetic trait of all white people. Their inherent sense of privilege and superiority, cultivated for a long time without resistance, has led to the oppression of minorities throughout history. This makes all white people complicit in the rise of white supremacy, the scourge of our times. Now it’s our duty to let white folks out of their racist closets, so to speak.

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I see. That’s very moving and inspirational! Is there anything else that has motivated you to speak out on this momentous issue?

BLM: Well, as you might imagine, such a movement could never get off the ground without cash, boatloads of it. And with the help of some very generous philanthropy, not least of all from George Soros, I was able to organize a worldwide movement against the systemic racism that is gnawing away at the soul of America. Today, we even have entire sports teams taking the knee during the national anthem, for example, as well as massive corporate sponsorship to protest against racist police. 

Not a cell phone in sight, just people living in thr moment. pic.twitter.com/Pwm2RZgZXe

— Obvious Honeypot (@DocRobins) January 11, 2021

Well, that is certainly awe-inspiring and very liberal! Okay, just a minute, we have another contestant here. Please, tell us your name and a little bit about yourself.

ATV: Hello. My name is Angry Trump Voter (ATV), and, well, I’m furious.

Oh dear, that’s too bad. Hey, wait! Aren’t you the guy who just ransacked the Capitol building in Washington, DC during the Electoral College vote count?

ATV: Well, I didn’t exactly ransack the place. Please understand that emotions were running high and the police presence wasn’t exactly what it should have been. In any case, I have been ignored and ridiculed by the media for four long years and, to be honest, I am sick and tired of it. So one thing led to another and before I knew it, the police were waving me into the complex.

BLM: Excuse me, if I may interrupt for just a moment.

Sure, go ahead, BLM.

BLM: Angry Trump Voter, what you did in the capital of our great nation was truly disgusting and despicable. You and your deplorable racist rabble defiled the very heart of our democracy. You deserve everything you get for that unforgivable crime!

ATV: Well, BLM, aren’t you one to talk about defiling our country! It takes a special kind of hypocrite to burn the American flag, kneel during the American anthem and pull down statues of the American founders. And now you feign horror as Trump supporters dare to take an unscheduled tour of the Capitol Building during working hours? How quickly everyone forgets that just months ago, you were looting and burning a swath across the country, forcing people by threat of physical violence to declare their support of the BLM cause. Most Americans are not racist, you know.

Good morning to everyone except Commies who think they’re going to silence free speech in the USA. Not happening.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) January 11, 2021

Gentlemen, please! If we can just calm down and discuss this calmly and rationally…

BLM: We are fighting for a just cause! The noblest of them all, the equality of all men! But you, Angry Trump Voter, have desecrated the holiest of the holies, the very seat of our representative government! 

ATV: First, BLM, we are not racists. The media will never tell you that more black people joined the Republican Party under Donald Trump than under any other conservative presidency in recent history. And yes, it is true that I entered the Capitol building, and perhaps that was unwise. But I did not loot or commit arson or declare a ‘self-autonomous zone’ like you did in Seattle alongside your radical Antifa buddies. Unfortunately, some people lost their lives, but far more people died over the course of the BLM riots, with far more physical damage sustained. And let’s not forget that you too, BLM, attacked federal property, particularly the Portland courthouse, where you engaged in violence against federal troops!

BLM: Dear misguided Angry Trump Voter, I’ll have you know that BLM engaged in mostly peaceful protests, and even CNN supports that claim. But you looted from the Capitol building and behaved outrageously! Why, you put your feet up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk inside of her private office and even swiped her laptop!

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The storming of the US Capitol is a symptom of a bigger disease infecting our democracy. I’m scared where this will all end

Wait a second. You put your feet on the desk of the Speaker of the House?

ATV: Well, it was just for a selfie. I couldn’t resist. In any case, aside from the speaker’s podium, and a few other souvenirs, yes, I took Miss Pelosi’s laptop.

BLM: That is truly disgusting behavior, Angry Trump Voter. I am mortified and repulsed! Please, enlighten me. What is this strange fascination that you Trump people have with laptops anyways? First it was Hillary Clinton’s laptop, and then it was Hunter Biden’s. Now, you admit to stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop! You act like common street thugs!

ATV: Well, BLM, did you really expect me to waltz out of the Capitol building with nothing more than widescreen TVs and Nike sneakers like you and Antifa have a habit of doing during your looting sprees? And let’s face it, who knows what unsavory surprises one may find on a laptop.

DEVELOPING: Democrats in both the House and Senate are planning to draft legislation to classify MAGA rallies as "domestic terrorist activity" and require the FBI, DOJ & DHS to take steps to prevent such "domestic terrorism." Sen. Durbin is leading effort along with Rep Schneider

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) January 11, 2021

Oh, I have heard enough. This is unspeakable. To sneak a peek into a person’s laptop is no better than rifling through their underwear drawer. There are some lines that must not be crossed, sir!

ATV: Big Tech, you are employing cheap hyperbole, hypocrisy and theatrics, just like everyone else on the left. For four years, Angry Trump Voter has been subjected to endless media-fueled conspiracy theories – debunked hoaxes like Russiagate and impeachment – and now you want to ignore any discussions about the possibility that the elections of November 3 were rigged in favor of Joe Biden. You want to play judge, jury and executioner based on your personal political beliefs, and then you wonder why a throng of people showed up in Washington, DC demanding attention. Big Tech, you are not an impartial arbitrator!

Angry Trump Voter, I am very sorry, but I have heard more than enough of this nonsense. By the power invested in me, I have no other choice but to terminate your physical presence and the presence of your rascally leader, Donald J. Trump, from all social media platforms. You are a menace to society and a threat to yourself.

ATV: What!? You can’t just shut down the voices of 75 million Americans! They will never stand for it!

I’m sorry, it’s already been done. Oh, and please don’t hate me. Understand that I am working in your best interest. I am merely protecting you from yourself! Otherwise, at the encouragement of your reckless leader, you may go out and do something outrageous again.  

ATV: This is an outrage! We have behaved no worse than BLM or Antifa! We will defeat you! We will smash your monopolistic grip on free speech! We have a constitution!

Guards, please, remove this angry man from my sight! Such unacceptable behavior! BLM, I apologize that you had to witness such an unsightly scene. You win today’s Sweepstakes and will get millions more in corporate support. And hopefully with Joe Biden as president we can finally look forward to an age of peace and unity in the United States.

BLM: God willing!

No BLM, Big Tech willing!

Test. Anyone there? I think they got me

— PatriotsAreProud | Q | Awaken (@Sean32977981) January 10, 2021

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

Top U.S. general: ‘We don’t know’ if coronavirus emerged from Chinese lab

May 5, 2020 / 7:24 PM / Updated 2 hours agoTop U.S. general: 'We don't know' if coronavirus emerged from Chinese lab

FILE PHOTO: U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark A. Milley testifies before a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on “Department of Defense Budget Posture on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., March 4, 2020. REUTERS/Tom Brenner

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The top U.S. general said on Tuesday it was still unknown whether the coronavirus emerged from a wet market in China, a laboratory or some other location, but reaffirmed the U.S. view that it was probably not man-made.

“Did it come out of the virology lab in Wuhan? Did it occur in a wet market there in Wuhan? Did it occur somewhere else? And the answer to that is: We don’t know,” Army General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a news conference, adding the U.S. government was looking into it.

The remarks stood in contrast to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s assessment on Sunday that there was “a significant amount of evidence” that the new coronavirus emerged from a Chinese laboratory.

A kindly reminder – Passenger lyrics

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