Caffeine calling: London phone boxes serve up coffee after lockdown

June 2, 2020 / 7:51 PM / Updated an hour agoCaffeine calling: London phone boxes serve up coffee after lockdown

Loreinis Mejia Hernandez from Colombia smiles at a converted telephone box she runs as a take-away coffee shop with her husband Sean Rafferty from Ireland as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) lockdown eases in Chiswick, West London, Britain, June 2, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Coombs

LONDON (Reuters) – Two of London’s famous red telephone boxes have been reborn as a coffee stall, and the owners say the lack of inside space that was a drawback when they opened a week before lockdown could now be an asset in a socially distanced capital.

Couple Loreinis Hernandez and Sean Rafferty said Amar Cafe, which is operated out of two adjacent disused phone boxes in west London, was trading for just a week before the city shut down at the end of March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were so excited, you know, just starting this business, and then the lockdown came up,” Hernandez said. “We closed for six weeks.”

The easing of restrictions this week prompted them to reopen the cafe, which specialises in coffee from Hernandez’s native Colombia.

“We invested everything in these boxes before lockdown,” Rafferty said.

“It was always going be takeaways and maybe it might be better now for us because people would prefer to be outside, sitting in the park.”

While stocks are good for a few weeks, at least, Rafferty and Hernandez are hopeful that the lockdown restrictions in the South American country do not prevent future deliveries.

Video calls connect anxious parents to hospitalized newborns in Colombia

June 2, 2020 / 6:06 PM / Updated 3 hours agoVideo calls connect anxious parents to hospitalized newborns in ColombiaLuis Jaime Acosta

BOGOTA (Reuters) – Deysi Silva cannot see, hug or kiss her infant daughter.

The child, born last month at a hospital in Colombia’s capital Bogota amid the coronavirus pandemic, is hospitalized in a neo-natal unit where visits are forbidden to protect the vulnerable babies from possible infection.

But family members of newborns in the unit at Kennedy Hospital are speaking to their babies via hundreds of video calls organized by staff.

“I love you so much daughter, hopefully soon we’ll be together again. You know I love you so much, your dad does too,” 30-year-old Silva, originally from Venezuela, said through tears as she looked at her daughter Deysi Mar Victoria’s image.

Since the program started in mid-May, 143 families have made 260 video calls to children in intensive care, Bogota’s health secretary said. Hospitals around the world have separated newborns from their mothers in an effort to prevent spreading the virus, especially when mothers are suspected of having the illness.

Social workers – who coordinate the calls and hold tablets up to the incubators – are key.

“My job during the virtual visits is to connect the mothers to their children via the tablet. I go into the unit and put the infants on the screen so the mom can see them live and talk to and listen to them,” said social worker Maria Nubia Arboleda.

The calls will help parents bond with their infants despite the physical distance, hospital official Mirella Pena said.

“In the case of newborns, video calls help strengthen the parents’ bond with their babies,” Pena said, adding that the communication also help reassure worried parents.

Colombia, which is holding a months-long quarantine to combat coronavirus infections, has nearly 30,500 confirmed cases of the virus and close to 1,000 deaths.

Colombia will not ease quarantine in capital, cities hit hard by coronavirus

May 30, 2020 / 4:27 PM / Updated 5 hours agoColombia will not ease quarantine in capital, cities hit hard by coronavirus

BOGOTA (Reuters) – Colombia issued new measures to control the spread of the novel coronavirus in three of its most affected cities on Saturday, including the capital Bogota, as the rest of the country prepares for quarantine rules to start lifting.

Officials from the embassy in Bogota of the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who many nations have recognised as the country’s rightful interim ruler, deliver food aid to Venezuelan migrants, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Bogota, Colombia May 29, 2020. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

The Andean country has reported more than 26,600 cases of the coronavirus and 853 deaths.

Colombia began a nationwide quarantine in late March to control the spread of COVID-19. On Thursday, the government extended the lockdown until July 1, but eased some restrictions.

All of Colombia will observe current measures until Sunday, as thousands of businesses are gradually re-opening with safety protocols and reduced staff.

However, Bogota and the cities of Cali and Cartagena, which have been hit hard by the pandemic, will not see rules relaxed, the government said in a statement.

Bogota has reported more than 9,000 of Colombia’s coronavirus cases and 239 deaths. Cali and Cartagena have reported over 2,400 and more than 2,600 cases, respectively.

Cali and Cartagena have registered 105 and 126 deaths.

The cities must follow current quarantine measures and will perform close monitoring and screening until June 15, the government said.

The cities must establish epidemiological barriers in key commercial areas and neighborhoods, and promote wide use of an application designed to track coronavirus cases.

Latin America’s fourth-largest economy has been battered by the double shock of measures to slow the virus and a slump in oil prices.

Under the eased restrictions, children aged two to five will be allowed outside for 30 minutes three times a week, as will adults over 70 years of age.

Those from six to 17-years old will be permitted outside for up to an hour three times a week, while adults under 70 will be allowed outside for two hours each day.

Bogota quarantine to continue for additional two weeks

May 28, 2020 / 7:47 PM / Updated 2 hours agoBogota quarantine to continue for additional two weeks

BOGOTA (Reuters) – A coronavirus quarantine will continue in Colombia’s capital Bogota until at least June 15, the mayor said on Thursday, even as other parts of the country begin re-opening.

Bogota was one of the first areas of the Andean nation to put lockdown measures in place in late March. It is home to more than 8,000 of the country’s 24,000 coronavirus cases.

All of Colombia is under quarantine until Sunday, though thousands of businesses are gradually re-opening with safety protocols and reduced staff.

“We have agreed with the health ministry to follow these recommendations in Bogota for the next two weeks,” Bogota Mayor Claudia Lopez said on Twitter.

The city of 8 million will maintain current isolation, undertake no further re-opening, intensify supervision at wholesale food sellers and increase coronavirus screenings jointly with the national health institute.

More details will be given in a press conference on Saturday, Lopez said. The ministry and city government will reevaluate the measures after June 15.

A dozen areas of Bogota with high infection rates have already been placed under special restrictions that prevent residents from doing outdoor exercise, among other things.

President Ivan Duque has said restrictions will begin easing in June but urged the public to continue isolating at home as much as possible. Public transit between municipalities will remain canceled as well as domestic flights.

International flights will not resume until Aug. 31, the government has said.

Thai government OKs plan for bankruptcy court-led restructuring of Thai Airways

May 19, 2020 / 7:53 AM / Updated 2 hours agoThai government OKs plan for bankruptcy court-led restructuring of Thai Airways

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thailand’s cabinet approved a plan to restructure troubled Thai Airways International Pcl’s finances through a bankruptcy court, the Southeast Asian country’s prime minister said on Tuesday.

FILE PHOTO: Thai Airways airplanes park at the tarmac of the Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok, as Thailand will temporarily ban all passenger flights from landing in the country to curb the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), Thailand, April 4, 2020. REUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha/File Photo

The plan for a court-led restructuring of the national carrier replaces a previous proposal of a government-funded rescue package that was heavily criticised in the country.

The state-controlled airline’s troubles are the latest example of how the coronavirus pandemic is crippling the global airline industry.

Colombia’s Avianca Holdings SA AVT_p.CN and Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd have filed for bankruptcy protection since the pandemic broke out.

Airlines around the world have grounded the bulk of their capacity due to government directives and border restrictions.

Thai Airways, though, had been in trouble even before the outbreak of the coronavirus due to stiff competition from budget airlines and bloated costs.

It posted losses every year after 2012, except in 2016. In 2019, it reported losses of 12.04 billion baht ($377.3 million).

“The government has reviewed all dimensions … we have decided to petition for restructuring and not let Thai Airways go bankrupt. The airline will continue to operate,” Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha told reporters at a news briefing.

“Thai Airways will be protected by the courts …. and a professional will be appointed to oversee the restructuring,” Prayuth said, adding the airline’s workers will continue to have jobs.

Thai Airways said the plan will be implemented through the Central Bankruptcy Court and it would operate as usual as the restructuring took place.

“Thai Airways will not be dissolved or go into liquidation or be declared bankrupt,” Thai Airways Acting President Chakkrit Parapuntakul said in a statement.

Operations including passenger and cargo transportation will continue in parallel with the plan, he said.

Thai Airways shares surged 11.7% on Tuesday, but are still down by about a third this year.

Residents of Bogota slum facing eviction despite quarantine

May 15, 2020 / 10:30 PM / Updated 8 hours agoResidents of Bogota slum facing eviction despite quarantineOliver Griffin

BOGOTA (Reuters) – Hundreds of people expected to be evicted from their hillside homes in a slum of Colombia’s capital Bogota on Friday, despite having nowhere to go during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

People, wearing masks, are seen on a field that, according to the mayor’s office, is at high risk of collapse and its inhabitants will be evicted, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Bogota, Colombia May 15, 2020. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

The informal houses have been declared illegal by local authorities and will be knocked down as part of the evictions. Residents accuse police accompanying the eviction process of excessive force.

The evictions in the Altos de la Estancia neighborhood are taking place despite Colombia’s months-long lockdown meant to stem the spread of coronavirus, which has killed more than 500 people.

The neighborhood was home to about 1,000 families when evictions began two weeks ago. Now just some 100 families remain, residents told Reuters.

“The majority of the people that live here are unemployed because of COVID-19 and the pandemic,” said John Parra, 36, who moved to Bogota after being displaced by the country’s internal conflict.

Though his home has been destroyed, Parra said he has nowhere else to go. Some previously evicted residents are now sleeping on the streets or outside.

Many low-income Colombians who work informally have suffered during the lockdown. About a third of the country’s population lives in poverty, according to government figures.

The government promised to help poor families during quarantine with welfare payments and deliveries of supplies, but many say they have received little or no aid.

The housing minister has banned evictions through June, but officials said the Altos de la Estancia houses are illegal and the area is at risk of landslides.

“This is a high risk zone and we could not allow the occupation to continue for one more day,” Jaime Florez, the mayor of the Ciudad Bolivar district of Bogota, told journalists.

Florez said the residents were offered new accommodation in a shelter, but people who spoke to Reuters said they fear catching COVID-19 there.

The ESMAD riot police were gathered near the remaining houses on Friday. The force has been on hand during evictions and residents say it has used violence against them.

Venezuelan migrant Faridee Pinto said his 16-year-old son was badly injured at the start of the month by an ESMAD projectile.

“He lost part of his skull and 20% or 30% of his forehead,” Pinto said, as his son Ysmail removed his hat to show the stitches marring his hairline. He is awaiting surgery.

Bogota’s police did not respond to a request for comment.

“I was in pain; my forehead was covered in blood,” said the boy, clutching a toy rabbit. “I thought I was never going to wake up again.”

Transgender people face discrimination, violence amid Latin American quarantines

May 5, 2020 / 7:20 PM / Updated 2 hours agoTransgender people face discrimination, violence amid Latin American quarantinesJulia Symmes Cobb

BOGOTA (Reuters) – Alis Nicolette Rodriguez is bracing themself, nervously looking over their shopping list and preparing in case someone tries to bar their way at the grocery store. It has happened before.

Angel Mendoza (2nd L) and Martin Juco (3rd L), who are transgender and non-binary, stand in line outside a bank during gender-based quarantine restrictions, amidst the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Bogota, Colombia May 5, 2020. REUTERS/Luisa Gonzalez

To keep crowds thin during the coronavirus quarantine, Colombian capital Bogota – like some other places in Latin America – has specified that men and women must go out on separate days. That has turned a routine food shopping trip into an outing fraught with tension for social work student Rodriguez, who is transgender and non-binary.

From Panama to Peru, transgender people say gender-based quarantine restrictions have exposed them to discrimination and violence from people questioning their right to be out.

In Bogota, women can only go out on days with even-numbered dates and men on odd, while transgender people are allowed to choose.

However, rights group Red Comunitaria Trans said it had received 18 discrimination complaints since the measure began. One of those complaints was from a transgender woman in southern Bogota stabbed by a man who said she was out on the wrong day, a case also reported in local media. The woman is recovering from her injuries.

“The last time I went out things happened that were really tense,” said Rodriguez, 20, who uses neutral pronouns and began hormone treatments four months ago. “My features are still very masculine so people still say ‘I see the body of a man’ and they deny who you are.”

Rodriguez said the previous Sunday an employee stopped them at a grocery entrance and a police officer asked to see their identification, although the mayor’s office has told police not demand ID to prove gender during the quarantine.

A spokeswoman for Bogota’s government department for women confirmed the police do not have the right to question anyone’s gender identity.

In response to questions about the accusations of discrimination, Bogota’s Metropolitan Police sent Reuters a publicity video of officers and members of the transgender community speaking to store employees, explaining that transgender people can choose their shopping day.

Rodriguez was eventually allowed into the store, but at the check-out one cashier asked another why “this man” had been able to shop, they said. Being non-binary complicates the choice about which day to go out, said Rodriguez, who has chosen the women’s days.

“If you don’t go out with make-up on, with a skirt… If you don’t comply with those stereotypes and gender roles then you can’t identify yourself or be in a public space,” said Rodriguez, who was wearing pink eye shadow and a sparkly silver jacket.


Juli Salamanca, communications director for Red Comunitaria Trans, said the coronavirus pandemic had left transgender people particularly exposed.

“They’re trying to protect themselves from the violence of the police, the violence of the supermarkets, the violence of society in general,” Salamanca told Reuters, referring to the physical and emotional toll of discrimination and prejudice.

She said some transgender people may be afraid to report discrimination because of previous police abuse.

Colombia’s second-largest city, Medellin, has restricted outings based on ID numbers rather than gender, a valid alternative to enforce social distancing, Salamanca said.

Colombia is not the only Latin American country where restrictions have stoked fear among transgender people.

The Panamanian Association of Trans People has received more than 40 discrimination complaints since restrictions began in April, director Venus Tejada said, including problems getting into supermarkets or buying medicine.

Transgender people who are immunocompromised are particularly worried, according to Tejada, and some with HIV fear additional discrimination because of their illness.

“If they need anything we’ve advised them to ask a neighbor or someone else to get it,” Tejada said.

In Peru, the government canceled restrictions based on gender after just over a week, as retailers struggled to control crowds on women’s days and LGBT groups complained of discrimination.

Slideshow (3 Images)

Back in Bogota, Rodriguez is piling a shopping cart with items. They avert their eyes when two police officers walk into the store.

The officers escort out an older man who is violating the rules and then stare briefly at Rodriguez before leaving.

Today, at least, they shopped in peace.

La reina de la discoteca – Papi Wilo letra

Letra Papi Wilo – La reina de la discoteca

No sé qué tienes
con tu forma de bailar
que me enamoras
Me has hipnotizado
sigo observándote
Porque tú eres la reina de la discoteca
tú lo mueves y lo haces sensual
porque tú eres la reina de la discoteca
tú lo mueves y lo haces sensual
Tu quieres que yo te cante
que te de amor interesante
que en la discoteca sea tu amante
te gustan los maliantes
rapero con flow de maliante
uno que de la silla te levante
Un negociante, que contigo aguante
y es que tu no te dejas, tu tiras para adelante
así me gusta mi mala, pero elegante
que fácil te luces, si luce con tu cantante
Siempre te luces cuando bajan las luces
te enciendes bailando, el ritmo te seduce
siempre te luces cuando bajan las luces
te enciendes bailando, el ritmo te seduce.

Porque tú eres la reina de la discoteca
tú lo mueves y lo haces sensual
porque tú eres la reina de la discoteca
tú lo mueves y lo haces sensual.

Hey mamasita porque andas sólita
te invito una copa, champagne de la fina
para celebrar que el mismo lugar coincidimos
sera el destino por algo nos conocimos
Quizás fue ese algo que sentimos
cuando tropezamos y nos vimos
vamos a experimentar, no lo tomes a mal
tú sabes a lo que vinimos
Siempre te luces cuando bajan las luces
te enciendes bailando, el ritmo te seduce
siempre te luces cuando bajan las luces
te enciendes bailando, el ritmo te seduce.

Porque tú eres la reina de la discoteca
tú lo mueves y lo haces sensual
porque tú eres la reina de la discoteca
tú lo mueves y lo haces sensual.

Hey baby
Yo soy Papi Wilo
Kevin Roldan
El number one
Junto a Duran The Coach
No hay competencia
Colombia y Puerto Rico
Separando a los flojos de los fuertes
dime si tú quieres que te cante
Lo hago toda la noche
Para que lo bailes
Sé que quieres
Añadir traducciónAñadir traducciii.
Papi Wilo letras
Video discoteca

Nicky Jam – El Ganador

Parece un sueño, un Lambo y un Grammy
Cinco casas en Colombia, otra más en PR
Y tengo mansión en Miami

La música mía tomando el planeta
Con fuerza de tsunami
Ahora me llaman, me tiran de m
Toditas las mamis

Me siento el mejor
En esto, un experto
Cada tema que saco a la calle se pega
Y tengo sold-out los conciertos
¿Más inteligente?
Están en lo cierto
Soy dueño de lo mío
A nadie le tengo que dar mi por ciento

Te amo Dios
Tú eres el que me bendice
Tú siempre me acompañaste en las noches grises
Estaba el barco mío a punto de hundirse
Y ahora filmando películas con Vin Diesel

Los hijos míos
Los cuatro andan felices
Yo me caí y me levanté porque quise
Me siento duro, me siento fuerte sin bíceps
El ave fénix con Dios no hay quien lo aterrice


No fue fácil llegar hasta donde estoy
Ustedes saben que fueron muchos sacrificios

El fénix (yeah!)

Yo me acuerdo todas las mañanas
Cuando me arrodillaba y rezaba
Yo sentía que el mundo acababa
Que no me querían
A nadie le importaba

Me montaba en el carro
Y tenía que irme a pedirle prestado a mi hermana
Estaba loco y confuso en el mundo
Y sentía que el vicio a mí me mataba

Mi historia volvió a empezar en Colombia
Me dieron esa moral
Y ahora me acompañan en la victoria
Desde mis promesas a Dios
De bendiciones tengo un río
Muchos dicen: "NIcky, una moda"
Y de eso sí que yo me río

Cuando yo estaba abajo muchos me ignoraron
Nunca me ayudaron
Yo no hice lo mismo
Cuando me pegué
Con todos grabamos

Ya mi tiempo llegó
Le doy gracias a Dios
Siempre tuve la fe
Y por eso cedió

Como ya me caí
Ya no tengo miedo
Que venga lo que venga
Me siento un ganador

Ya mi tiempo llegó
Le doy gracias a Dios
Siempre tuve la fe
Y por eso cedió

Como ya me caí
Ya no tengo miedo
Que venga lo que venga
Me siento un ganador

Nicky Jam
The prodigies
Saga WhiteBlack
La Industria Inc
El fénix

RANDY PARIS FT YELSID – No Remplazara Mi Lugar

Tantas noches me acosté
Solo pensando en tu llegar
Ahora lo entiendo que has decidió
Partir, sin pensar en mi

Y tal vez ya será
Que lo nuestro acabo
Te marchaste con el

Por que, si sabes que…

El remplazara mi lugar
Aunque lo intente, mío es tu corazón
En mi no dejarás de pensar
Mi corazón jamás será de dos

El remplazara mi lugar
Aunque lo intente, mío es tu corazón
En mi no dejarás de pensar
Nunca, nunca será como yo

Tu vas a buscar en el
Lo que veías en mi, pero es imposible
Porque lo que yo te daba
Y como te trataba, es algo impredecible

Yo descubrí
Lo que a tu cuerpo te gusta
Sabes que en el fondo te asusta
El no te hace sentir
Lo que sentías conmigo

Pero de una vez, te digo
Que cuando este contigo
Vas a cerrar los ojos
Para pensar en mi

El remplazara mi lugar
Aunque lo intente, mío es tu corazón
En mi no dejarás de pensar
Mi corazón jamás será de dos

El remplazara mi lugar
Aunque lo intente, mío es tu corazón
En mi no dejarás de pensar
Nunca, nunca será como yo

Nena sabes que eres mía
Aunque se lo niegues, por mi te morías
Vamos dile que en mi cama, tu te entretenias
Que no te lo hace como yo (x2)

Y que ahora olvides mi nombre
No hace que me asombro, yo soy tu capricho
El que tu mente corrompe, vamos niegaselo a el
Vamos mami niegaselo a el (x2)

El remplazara mi lugar
Aunque lo intente, mío es tu corazón
En mi no dejarás de pensar
Mi corazón jamás será de dos

El remplazara mi lugar
Aunque lo intente, mío es tu corazón
En mi no dejarás de pensar
Nunca, nunca será como yo

Randy Paris
Partys Music
Yo soy la Voz
Yelsid Mami
Junto a Randy Paris
Colombia y Puertorico
Yazz Music