79% of Americans think the US is falling apart. That’s no surprise when one half of the country wants to crush the other

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Both Democrats and Republicans think America is disintegrating. But the newspeak narrative says that Trump and his supporters must be cleansed from the nation before it can heal. This totalitarian mindset could be the US’ undoing.

A recent Axios-Ipsos poll suggests that 79 percent of Americans believe that the nation is disintegrating. “The question, asked Tuesday and Wednesday, reflects the collision of crises besetting the country — the backdrop of a pandemic, recession, decoupling of red/blue America, and racial injustice and the immediacy of the Capitol insurrection, followed by Impeachment II,” writes Axios AM reporter, Mike Allen.

But the question of whether the US is now a failed national project is meant to put a stake into the heart of the Donald Trump presidency and to destroy, entirely, the movement he mobilized. The purpose of the poll is to leave no doubt in the minds of readers that Trump is responsible for these national crises and must be removed from office, and never allowed to run again. The objective is to separate Trump and his supporters, to purge both from the public square, and likewise to leave no alternative to the ruling Democratic-RINO, Big Tech, mainstream media, corporate-state hegemon that threatens to impose its technologically enforced totalitarian rule.

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‘Let the purges begin’

Twitter has banned the sitting president from its platform indefinitely. Facebook and Instagram have banished Trump until at least after Joe Biden’s inauguration. After Twitter began cancelling Trump followers, Amazon Web Services, Apple Store, and Google Play cancelled an entire corporation, Twitter competitor Parler. Other social media platforms could face a similar fate at the hands of the leftist authoritarian Big Tech cartel.

Tens of thousands, if not millions, of Trump supporters have either been purged from mainstream social media platforms or have fled in protest. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has recently promised more censorship and purges. Even the libertarian leader of an earlier populist movement, Ron Paul, has faced a Facebook ban (although this was subsequently claimed to be “an error”). Guilt by association seems to the rule, no matter how distant or strained the association.

The purges extend well beyond social media. Trump has been cancelled by former business associates, including by one of his former financiers, Deutsche Bank. Blacklists of Trump supporters are being compiled. Congress members have called for the resignation of senators and House members who questioned the election results. If they refuse to resign, say the totalitarian wannabes about to seize complete control, they should be removed from office. ABC News contributor Rick Klein called for the “cleansing” of Trump supporters from the political landscape in a now-deleted tweet.

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The Bill of Don’ts

In their efforts to expunge the Trump movement from memory let alone existence, these neo-Stalinists are hellbent on nullifying constitutionally guaranteed rights – freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to bear arms are under assault.

In place of the Bill of Rights, they would impose a Bill of Don’ts:

Don’t say what we don’t want to hear. Don’t gather where we don’t allow, especially if you are a ‘deplorable’. Don’t bother petitioning for grievances, because we don’t care. Don’t own weapons and don’t defend yourself when you or your property are attacked, even as the police are defunded. Don’t tell us about your right to privacy because our right to surveil you supersedes it. Don’t tell us you have the right to confront the witnesses aligned against you, or see the evidence alleged against you, or to present evidence and witnesses in your own defense. That’s your white privilege speaking, and we will not tolerate hate speech. Don’t expect us to be bound by due process or the rule of law. Feelings and desired outcomes trump facts and rules, both of which are tools of oppression, relics of the fascist patriarchy. Don’t object, or we will cancel you entirely from these Disunited States of Woketopia.

And first and foremost, don’t dare have the temerity to question election results that have handed us uncontested power.

Only authoritarians sanction this state of affairs. The harm they will do, as they neglect and inflict further pain on the Republic, will be immeasurable. The nation is failing, not merely because it is divided, but because a contingent has rejected its foundational principles. That contingent is now in control.

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The new underground

Pushing the Trump-inspired populist movement underground may only cause it to resort to more drastic measures. As the leftist libertarian reporter Glenn Greenwald observes, “these people know they are scorned and looked down upon… and the more you humiliate and make them feel powerless, the more you take away their ability to organize and express that rage, it’s gonna find an outlet in more destructive ways.”

As a former professor at a top-ranking university, I favored a Trump re-election, not because I support Trump so much as abhor what the opposition represents and is proving itself to be. In response to the social media threat to expression, I have inaugurated a new group on Telegram called ‘Thought Criminals’. There, fellow ‘thought deviationists’ like me are able to express views that are effectively proscribed on mainstream social media platforms. No one among us advocates violence or the overthrow of the government. None of us is ‘racist’. We advocate only the rights enshrined in the US Constitution.

But some groups, no doubt, are intent on violence. Yet the violent extremists consist mostly of Antifa and related ‘activists’, who will unfortunately trick Trump supporters into another error during the inauguration, like some appeared to do when involved in the Capitol siege. It’s not as if violent extremists among the Trump base were always there, ready to pounce on any opportunity to express their “racist,” “white nationalist” views.

Rather, as the rising party has already demonstrated, these people stand to lose the most under a Biden-Harris regime, whose Big Tech and mainstream media allies act as governmental enforcement apparatuses. Trump supporters have been hated and demonized simply for wanting to live without being reprimanded and punished for their whiteness, their middle-Americanness, or their values. They face an anti-white, anti-native, anti-middle-America extremism that is set to silence and crush them into submission.

These and others will form a new underground under the prevailing ideological and political hegemony. This banishment of millions, and not Trump, is why the nation will fall apart, if indeed it does.

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US designation of Houthis as terrorists harms Saudi Arabia, not Iran & will only cause more suffering for Yemen

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By Robert Inlakesh, a political analyst, journalist, and documentary filmmaker currently based in London, UK. He has reported from and lived in the occupied Palestinian territories and currently works with Quds News and Press TV. Director of ‘Steal of the Century: Trump’s Palestine-Israel Catastrophe’. Follow him on Twitter @falasteen47

Despite claims from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Iran will be affected by the move to register Yemen’s Ansarallah (Houthis) as a terrorist organization, the decision may in reality have the opposite effect.

The Trump administration announced this week that they would register Yemen’s Ansarallah Movement as a terrorist organization, amid fears from the UN of derailing peace talks between the group and the Saudi-Emirati-backed opposition government. 

As Yemen is currently facing the largest humanitarian crisis on the planet, roughly 80 percent of the country’s population is in desperate need of aid in order to survive. According to UNICEF 12 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance, two million of which face extreme starvation. This untold suffering of the Yemeni people will now likely increase and not to the slightest detriment of Iran, but rather the US’ ally Saudi Arabia.

Many players factor into the war in Yemen, with the Ansarallah governing the most significant block of the country and holding the capital city of Sanaa. After the removal of former Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi from his position of power by Ansarallah in 2015, Saudi Arabia and other Arab regimes launched a war to reinstall him as president. The US and Britain backed the Saudi-led coalition to depose the Ansarallah from its newly acquired control of the capital and surrounding territory, but have until now failed to meet that aim.

Hadi had fled Yemen and with Saudi backing was granted power to form a government based in the southern city of Aden, also receiving international recognition branding him the legitimate president of Yemen. Despite this, even in Aden, the UAE backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) had contested this power. In April of last year the STC declared their own autonomous rule in southern Yemen, leading to an escalation of violence. In December however, the STC accepted joining the internationally backed, anti-Houthi, “Unity government” led by President Hadi.

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Whilst the so-called ‘unity government’ has been formed, it cannot be considered as a be-all end-all solution for Yemen’s brutal war, as Ansarallah still remains the biggest player in Yemen, in terms of its military power and control of vital territory. Ansarallah has not been included in the newly formed ‘unity government’ and the US’ decision to register the group as a terrorist organization, will, according to the UN, derail peace talks from going ahead between the group and its Saudi-backed opposition.

The so-called threat of Iran to the Persian-Gulf Arab States has played one of the biggest roles in allowing for the war in Yemen to continue, pushing the regimes to pursue alternative trade routes, negating the Iranian controlled Strait of Hormuz. 

On top of all of this, the designation does not even benefit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). A prolonged military conflict, instead of a negotiated peace settlement with Ansarallah will further drain the resources of Saudi-backed forces on the battlefield, as well as mean an escalation of attacks on mainland Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has pursued what was supposed to be a simple military solution, with logistical, diplomatic and military support of the West, for almost six years and has failed. In reality the very opposite of a KSA victory has transpired, with Ansarallah only having grown stronger, gaining more territory, inflicting embarrassing defeats upon Saudi forces and their proxies and garnering more concrete support from its primary ally Iran.

Despite Ansarallah having condemned the designation announcement, its military wing is likely to use this moment as a justification for further offensive actions in its favor. As a registered terrorist organization, it would be nearly impossible for an officially diplomatically achieved settlement to be reached and hence will push the Saudi-Emirati-backed forces opposing the group to engage in the only remaining solution. The same solution that has completely failed them since the start of the war in 2015.

Mike Pompeo said in a press release that “the designations are also intended to advance efforts to achieve a peaceful, sovereign, and united Yemen that is both free from Iranian interference and at peace with its neighbors.”

However, despite the hardline rhetoric, this terrorist designation will have about as little effect on Iran, as the designation of Gaza’s Hamas has had. If anything, the added pressure placed on Saudi Arabia to end its war internationally, as well as the military might of the Houthis’ cruise-missile strikes on its infrastructure, will perhaps give Iran favorable leverage over the KSA.

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What is clear now is that this move will increase the suffering of the Yemeni civilian population, pushing Saudi Arabia to engage in the sole option remaining, a military one. The results of which will usher in an even higher civilian death toll, in a country which is on the brink of famine and is experiencing a cholera epidemic. 

With the incoming Joe Biden administration reportedly open to entering back into the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA), this step could not be more vital for securing future stability in Yemen. The Houthis are backed by their Iranian allies and a renewal of the nuclear deal, including within talks during the process of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), could ensure that the Gulf backed anti-Houthi elements in Yemen secure their own interests in the region and hence have no need to pursue war in Yemen based upon financial incentive. This would ultimately kill two birds with one stone for Biden, paving the way for peace with both Iran and Yemen.

Trump seems to be throwing as many hurdles as possible at the incoming Biden administration in order to prevent this from occurring. The impact the designation of the Ansarallah as a terrorist group will mean that if Joe Biden wishes to truly pursue peace in Yemen, he must reverse the registration of the group. On top of this, the outgoing sanctions on Iran, administered by President Trump, will have to be rolled back and the military threats of Trump must be abandoned. If not, Yemen will become an even bigger bloodbath and the US’ Saudi allies will cede even more territory to the Houthis.

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I accuse… virtually the entire US establishment over the events leading to President Donald Trump’s impeachment

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By Rachel Marsden, columnist, political strategist and host of an independently produced French-language program that airs on Sputnik France. Her website can be found at rachelmarsden.com

There are plenty more people to blame for Trump’s downfall than simply Trump himself. In a nod to a classic piece of writing of the past, let us individually identify those responsible for the predicament America finds itself in.

Influential French writer Emile Zola famously published, on the front page of newspaper L’Aurore, an open letter to the president of France. In it he called out, one by one, various members of the French military and the government itself for perpetrating a cover-up in the wrongful espionage conviction of French officer Alfred Dreyfus

Zola laid blame squarely at the feet of various individuals for the part that each of them had played in a fiasco that had culminated in the convenient scapegoating of a single man.

This was in 1898, but there’s a connection to recent events in Washington, DC, where outgoing US President Donald Trump is being scapegoated for an attack on Congress by an angry mob at the very moment when lawmakers were meeting to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s November victory over Trump.

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It wasn’t a single speech by Trump just before events unfolded that led to the violence of January 6 during which five people died. Many of the same people now pointing fingers at Trump bear responsibility for the tragedy themselves. So, in the spirit of Zola…

I accuse the Washington establishment of reducing the concept of democracy itself to little more than a convenient pretext for foreign invasion of countries that don’t align with America’s interests. You’ve perverted the concept for the average foreigner of target countries that have seen little more than enduring chaos and destruction borne of ‘democracy’. So why should the average American trust in the notion when you cry about ‘democracy’ itself being attacked by a mob?

I accuse the Democratic Party of spending the past four years since Trump was legitimately elected trying to disenfranchise the near-63 million Americans who cast their ballot in his favor by portraying them as useful idiots of a foreign power (namely Russia), rather than people who simply wanted someone in charge who wasn’t going to kowtow to the insidious corruption in Washington.

I accuse the Republican Party of placing its own personal interests over those of the citizens by enabling – or even cheerleading – Trump’s behavior when it risked becoming a liability for his presidency, for the party, and for the hopes of millions of average Americans who voted for him.

I accuse Big Tech – specifically, social media giants – of rank hypocrisy. The more extreme and buzzworthy the comments on your platforms by Trump and his most fervent supporters, the more money it has made you. And now you have the gall to admonish and blacklist Trump and his supporters while pretending that it’s all such a shock. You played just as much a role in all of this as they did. Own it. And to clarify, are you in favor of free speech, or strictly speech that squares with the prevailing political winds and social pressures at any given time?

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I accuse right-leaning ideological talking heads of self-serving pandering to your audience of consumers – by screaming about unproven ‘election fraud’, for example – rather than providing rational analysis and credible information that might have helped to make your case to a wider audience beyond the handful of radical extremists who didn’t exactly need convincing in the first place. 

I accuse left-leaning pundits of hysteria rather than constructive opposition, and reducing any pushback against your agenda or positions to some form of bigotry.

I accuse the mainstream media of obvious and inherent bias against President Trump from the very outset of his presidency, which has ultimately served to radicalize his base and further erode the average American’s faith in the important work of the free press.

I accuse the sanitary fascists who emerged over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and who acted like anyone prioritizing their own solvency and ability to feed their families over various, ever-changing restrictions of questionable effectiveness was some kind of terrorist. Many members of the mob that showed up on Capitol Hill felt that they had little left to lose. And it’s in part because of you.

I accuse Wall Street, and the politicians whom it has purchased through lobbying efforts, of failing to see how globalization would ultimately disenfranchise the average American worker by exporting jobs and driving down wages. You, too, contributed to the frustration seen in that mob that congregated in Washington from the four corners of America.

Finally, I accuse President Donald Trump of failing to grow into his presidency, of allowing his own ego to get in the way of his promises, of seemingly prioritizing the interests of friends and associates, and of failing to convert his considerable rhetorical power into lasting achievements and a legacy in which his voters and supporters could take pride. 

Every one of these people hold responsibility for catalyzing the events of January 6. Unless those who remain standing when the dust settles on this fiasco change their ways, America is in for a long, rough ride.

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China won the trade war with the US. Business trumps politics, and China is a cornerstone of the global economy

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Despite years of attacking China with sanctions and tariffs, and bragging about how ‘easy’ it would be to win this trade war, Trump has failed to impose Washington’s terms on trade relations with Beijing. Here’s why.

China’s latest trade data reveals a record trade surplus. Fuelled in part by pandemic demand for medical equipment and electronics, Beijing’s surplus over the United States also increased by 7.1% creating a widening gap of $316 billion for the year 2020. This came despite the Trump administration having devoted most of his term waging a trade war against China and slapping tariffs on imports from the country, with a strategic goal of “shifting supply chains” either back to the United States or to more friendly partners.

Whilst indeed the impact of this saga has seen the United States drop from China’s first to third largest trading partner, overtaken by Europe and ASEAN, it ultimately hasn’t changed the tectonics of Beijing’s dominance over global commerce or for that matter even America itself. Why so? Such changes are easier said than done. China’s supply chains remain more cost competitive, resilient, interconnected and buttressed by local demand more than anywhere else on Earth. Some of the countries that have been touted as alternatives, such as India and Vietnam, do not have the capacity to replicate this on a short-term basis. On this issue, business incentives continue to “Trump” political ones.

Supply chains are not a wooden pop-up shop which can be assembled, taken down and shifted anywhere overnight. The clue is in the name, a supply chain is not a “single factory that makes X”- it is an interconnected network of various factories, providers, associated businesses, assemblers and infrastructure points which are located in a concentrated geographic space. This network is not automatized, but co-dependent. Affordability, reliability and efficiency are key in creating a successful supply chain. For example, why does nobody invest to make MacBooks in let’s say, Greenland? Apple could build a factory there, right?

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That’s not how it works. You don’t build a MacBook in a single factory. They might get assembled in a factory, but who makes the circuits? Who makes the screens? Who makes the processors? And how do you keep all these parts close together and intact so that you get your product out quickly without facing disruption to markets? Do you think somewhere far away, remote, without infrastructure and without a meaningful market such as Greenland is a good alternative? Of course not. You don’t simply have a factory; you have a supply chain which is a web of enterprises all in proximity. And as it happens, China dominates many of these worldwide.

Why? First of all, China’s sheer size and population has created an abundant labour force, coupled with competitive infrastructure, that makes it more affordable than anywhere else in the world. Secondly, China’s own domestic market size and cheaper costs mean local demand is very high and therefore this makes it easier for a business to pass a profit margin. Thirdly, because China has already set itself up as the global hub of trade and commerce for decades now owing to these factors, this consolidates its position and global demand subsequently makes supply costs even cheaper. It has long been a win-win scenario for businesses.

Although Vietnam and India have been repeatedly touted as alternatives, for now these countries do not have the competitive or capabilities edge to take on China meaningfully. For example, whilst India has 1.3 billion people and a more affordable labour force than Beijing, it does not have the infrastructure or development level to replicate China’s success in the short term, nor does it have the consumer market size. It has potential, but that’s about it for now. Businesses may see India nonetheless as worth investing in, but only for what it itself offers rather than a global alternative to China. Recent factory riots at Apple’s complex in Bengaluru also demonstrated the risks of instability.

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Secondly, Vietnam. Hanoi’s economy represents China at an earlier stage, a Communist State which is entering a phase of rapid growth and booming. Its labour force is also cheaper than China’s. For some simple goods, such as low-end plastics and fabrics, it is more convenient for businesses to invest here, as we must consider the argument that as China develops, the type of manufacturing it excels at also evolves accordingly. Nonetheless, it is a country which is much smaller than China and cannot possibly replicate its entire manufacturing and industrial capacity on a global scale.

In this case, it should be no surprise that for all the rhetoric about decoupling and supply chains shifting out of China, that isn’t happening. Beijing dominates global supply chains not through some grand conspiracy to steal American jobs, but simply because what it has to offer is more competitive than everyone else and projects such as the Belt and Road initiative, establishing the Europe-China Railway and other grand projects, have only consolidated that. Western manufacturers will also never remove their presence from the country because China’s own market is too much of a pull. So even if they diversify into other countries, they’re ultimately staying put.

Given this, Donald Trump’s trade war has not fundamentally rewritten the paradigm of China-US business relations. China remains a central component of global supply chains, despite the tariffs he has implemented, because there are simply no feasible rivals or alternatives. Supply chains ultimately operate on affordability, geography and convenience, not on a preference of politics. India is one country that has the potential to do so, but that’s some time away yet. 

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The quantum leap forward: On birthing the world’s fastest, most advanced internet network, China claims supremacy over the US

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By Brian McGleenon, a journalist who has worked for Fuji Television, The Daily Express, The Independent, KBS and Pear Video.

Beijing’s new quantum computer can solve mathematical problems in 200 seconds that it would take current supercomputers millions of years to solve – and the network around it will revolutionise how we live and work.

China achieved “quantum supremacy” with the development of its Jiuzhang quantum computer, which last month surpassed Google’s Sycamore quantum device with its ability to calculate 100 trillion times faster than the fastest classical supercomputer.

The development sent shock waves around the world. But before this news could be fully digested by rival players in the quantum race, Beijing announced it had also built the world’s first fully integrated quantum network. Earlier this month, a network of satellite relays and fiber optic cables between Shanghai and Beijing was able to “teleport” huge amounts of data. 

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The world is now witnessing the birth of a Chinese quantum internet that will revolutionize society by allowing unhackable transfers of data and optimizing machine learning for the ‘internet of things’, and possibly leading to instantaneous communication when developed further. Quantum computing allows the evaluating of multiple possibilities at once and the performing of complex calculations not possible on normal computers. “Quantum computers aren’t just about doing things faster or more efficiently,” a Wired article explained last year. “They’ll let us do things that we couldn’t even have dreamed of without them. Things that even the best supercomputer just isn’t capable of.”

As the writer described it: “If you ask a normal computer to figure its way out of a maze, it will try every single branch in turn, ruling them all out individually until it finds the right one. A quantum computer can go down every path of the maze at once. It can hold uncertainty in its head.”

The Chinese scientists teleported quantum information 1,400km (870 miles) to two satellites then back to earth via receiver stations – a first step in creating a global-scale quantum internet. Together with the development of Jiuzhang, the recent developments have pushed the country to the forefront in the race to win the ‘quantum age’ – a development that will unnerve Washington and Silicon Valley.

According to Professor Lo Hoi-kwong, of the University of Hong Kong, China is now playing the leading role in the application of quantum communications. He predicted that the technology would have advanced applications for the Chinese military, its finance sector, and for the country’s overall communications.

One of the key architects of Jiuzhang, Professor Chao-Yang Lu, of the University of Science and Technology of China, told RT.com that the computer gained “quantum advantage” over the most advanced classic supercomputer through the use of photons of light to solve calculations, instead of the classical use of electrical binary signals in microprocessors. 

He claimed the revolutionary design would allow computations that would take conventional supercomputers hundreds of millions of years to solve to be executed in seconds. Speaking to RT.com from his office in Beijing, Professor Lu said the applications of the new technology would transform “the field of quantum chemistry and optimization, which can be helpful in designing new materials and machine learning”.

He explained how Jiuzhang could be deployed in China’s quantum internet development, “because it can be used as a node,” able to program and store information being communicated through the quantum network. The professor added that the Chinese device had an advantage over its competitors, such as Sycamore,as “it uses photons that are naturally compatible with the internet because obviously flying photons are the fastest and only sensible way to transfer information over long distances”. He added that “quantum computation and quantum communication using photons share a lot of techniques in common”. Sycamore relies on super-cold, superconducting metal, whereas the Chinese alternative can operate at room temperature.

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One promising application for quantum computers is their ability to solve machine-learning optimization problems and quickly read huge data sets. This speeding up of machine-learning algorithms will allow much more advanced autonomous devices. The development of the internet of things will see vast scales of data gathered every second by devices, sensors and machines. Quantum computers would be ideal information-processing systems. 

Professor Lu emphasized that the phrase “quantum supremacy” was not about political domination, but based on such devices outperforming classical supercomputers. He stressed: “Building quantum computer machines is a race between nature and humans, not between countries… The whole international community should closely collaborate. We should encourage more open scientific exchange in both knowledge and people.”

Since 2016, China’s president Xi Jinping has been aggressively pushing the advancement of the nation’s research into quantum technology. The move is a key part of his blueprint to make China technologically self-reliant and a global leader in scientific research and development. He has set the nation a goal of achieving dominance in the area of quantum computing by 2030. 

Billions of dollars have been poured into the quest, and a new institute created: the Chinese National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences. The institute was behind the creation of the integrated quantum network, consisting of two satellites and thousands of kilometers of optical fiber cables linking key government facilities, power grids, military posts, and banks between Beijing and Shanghai. The whole system is claimed to be immune from disruptive cyber-attacks. 

According to the Global Times, president Xi announced at a CCP group study session in October 2020 that he wanted to strengthen “top-level design” in the field of quantum science and encouraged the acceleration of “breakthroughs in basic research”. Referring to the nation’s dedication to becoming dominant in the field, the state-run tabloid also reported that “China had nearly twice as many patent filings as the US for quantum technology overall in 2018”. 

The US has responded testily to China’s ambitions in quantum computing, particularly fearing its military applications. In 2018, President Donald Trump placed his signature to the National Quantum Initiative Act, which pledged $1.2 billion for research in the field over five years. In the same year, the US military implicitly referred to China’s quantum advancements as a national security threat in a statement titled ‘Technologies for Threat Military Applications’. It read: “A global race has ensued to exploit and operationalize quantum technologies for the use of military effects. The race to conquer the quantum domain is among the most fiercely competitive in today’s world of technology.” 

Quantum computing can utilize two fundamental properties of quantum mechanics: superposition and entanglement. Superposition means the information held in ‘qubits’ can exist in two different states simultaneously. This could allow vast amounts of information to be stored in sections of code. 

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The infinite variables allow the quantum computer vast amounts of processing power, because each qubit can perform multiple calculations at once. Superposition also greatly increases the speed by which a quantum computer can solve certain problems that would take classical computers millions of years. For instance, the computational advantage of China’s quantum computer can solve mathematical problems in seconds that the world’s fastest conventional computer, Japan’s Fugaku, would take an estimated 600 million years to solve.

Entanglement is another advantage of the quantum and is one of the strangest phenomena of quantum mechanics. Einstein called entanglement “spooky action at a distance”, in which subatomic particles that are nearby each other influence each other in some way, such as the direction they spin in. However, the strange effects of entanglement mean that when these two particles are separated, no matter at how vast a distance, if one is changed, the other goes through the same changes at exactly the same time, meaning these two particles are intimately and forever connected. The principle of entanglement could be used by quantum devices for the exponentially faster communication of information.

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Trump’s second impeachment risks giving half the US a ‘stab in the back’ narrative like that which took hold in Germany in 1919

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The rushed proceedings against Donald Trump are not about accountability, but a politicized act of theater that will deepen the ideological chasm which divides America today and drag us ever closer to the suicide of the Union.

One hour into the two-hour debate, it became abundantly clear that President Donald Trump was destined to become the first American President ever to be impeached twice. From the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, on down, this point was repeated, as if the political ignominy derived from that fact constituted the worst thing that could happen to a person. But this posturing was more than countered by the rhetorical responses from the Republicans, who did not defend the President so much as attack the process underway in the House of Representatives as little more than a hypocritical act of politicized point scoring.

The Republicans, it was clear, did not view the first impeachment effort, which failed to gain a conviction, as a legitimate exercise of governance, and as things stand it looks as if the vast majority of them feel the same about the current undertaking. Rather than looking at the efforts of House Democrats to paint the President with a scarlet letter of shame, the Republicans are treating the attack of Trump as an attack against themselves and those they represent, as and such view it more like a badge of courage.

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The Articles of Impeachment levied against Donald Trump are serious charges derived from one of the darkest days in American political history—the storming and subsequent occupation of the US Capitol Building on January 6, 2020, by thousands of pro-Trump demonstrators who had assembled in Washington, DC to protest what they and the President believed was the certification by the US Congress of a fraudulent election which denied Trump a second four-year term in office. At the time of the attack, Congress sat in a joint session presided by the Vice President, Mike Pence, to carry out the tasks mandated by the 12th Amendment of the US Constitution regarding the counting of the votes of the Electoral College. There is little doubt that the timing of the action targeting the US Capitol was designed to disrupt this counting, making it, by definition, an act of sedition.

An act of sedition, in and of itself, is one of the most serious crimes with which an American citizen can be charged. While not meeting the Constitutional definition of treason, it is a treasonous act which requires a decisive response. This is even more so when the person accused of sedition is a sitting President of the United States. The Constitution of the United States provides Congress with a remedy for such a crime—impeachment. The impeachment hearing convened by Speaker Pelosi is ostensibly for this purpose—to hold the President accountable for his actions.

The problem confronting Pelosi and her democratic colleagues, however, is that they themselves have muddied the political waters surrounding President Trump as to make any legitimate impeachment exercise appear little more than an act of political revenge. As their Republican counterparts repeatedly noted in their impassioned replies to the Democrat’s vehement accusations, the problems which befell America were not created on a single day—January 6—but rather had their roots in a politicized process of delegitimizing the 2016 election of Donald Trump that began 19 minutes after he was sworn in as President.

Most if not all the Republicans were voted into office by an electorate that had been repeatedly denigrated by senior Democrats. Whether it was Barack Obama’s 2008 dismissal of working class Americans as “bitter” people who “cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them…as a way to explain their frustrations,” or Hillary Clinton’s infamous 2016 gaffe, where she declared that “you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” calling them “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it,” and noting that Trump “has lifted them up.”

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The House Democrats clamoring for the second impeachment of Donald Trump have applied a similar broad brush to all Americans—by last count, over 75 million—who voted for him in 2020. They ignore at their own peril the second half of Hillary Clinton’s statement, where she noted that the other half of Trump’s supporters “feel that the government has let them down” and are “desperate for change. Those are people,” she declared, “we have to understand and empathize with as well.”

For many Republican voters, Donald Trump was the first politician who resonated with them, for whatever reason. Their vote for him was more a rejection of Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Party and the mainstream Republican establishment than it was a well-reasoned decision linked to specific policies. Trump “felt” right, and they “felt” better by supporting him. The notion that these voters somehow turned on Trump after four years of uneven governance was belied by the fact that 12 million more Americans voted for him in 2020 than in 2016. The Trump phenomenon was, and is, real.

Donald Trump deserves due process. The very Constitution the Democrats claim he assaulted requires it. The current proceedings, built as they are on a foundation of political extortion (Pelosi’s effort to compel Vice President Pence into invoking the 25th Amendment), is a purely political act designed to destroy the political viability of Donald Trump and the movement he led. Because the Democrats are seeking revenge as much or more than they seek justice, their efforts are doomed to fail.

Logic dictates that the political equivalent of Newton’s Third Law of physics—for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction—applies in full effect here. The only outcome from this exercise can be more backlash and division, belief and desire are not mutually exclusive; the Democrats are blinded by their hatred for Trump and his “deplorables” to such an extent that normal causal analysis is foregone. The Democrats smell blood, and are moving in for the kill, not realizing that they are heading into a trap of their own making.

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To better understand the nature of this trap, one only needs to turn to the history pages. In 1918, the German Army was defeated on the field of battle. Censorship and the dissemination of false and misleading information blinded the German population to this reality. They did not trust the words of their elected officials because there was no viable evidentiary proof presented of this defeat, leading to a cognitive dissonance that produced an outright denial of their military debacle. This mindset was furthered by statements made by German leaders to returning soldiers that “no enemy has vanquished you.” Thus was born the “stab in the back” legend from which the Nazi party of Adolf Hitler drew its motivation and strength.

In 2020, Donald Trump lost his bid for reelection. Four years of anti-Trump resistance at the hands of the Democrats in Congress, combined by an anti-Trump bias in the mainstream media, had conditioned Trump supporters to be distrustful of these election results. The post-election censorship of any discussion regarding the legitimacy of the 2020 election result only fuels the mistrust and misgivings of Trump’s supporters. This suspicion was furthered by the repeated statements of the President and his supporters that the election was stolen from them.

America is teetering on the edge of a political abyss which, once crossed, there will be no coming back. If 75 million Americans believe that their political future is being nullified by vengeful politicians in Congress, then the ideological foundation is being laid for the birth of an American “stab in the back” legend which will produce a divided nation incapable of ever being reunited.

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The House Democrats have ignored this possibility, to the detriment of the nation. Having presided over a kangaroo court seeking a politicized rush to judgement, the House of Representatives will now turn the matter over to the US Senate for the conduct of a trial. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader, is calling for a trial and conviction to take place prior to the inauguration of Joe Biden on January 20, 2021. The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, would do well to resist this call.

Once the President has left office, the Senate can undertake the kind of evidence-based deliberations that the House ignored. Such a trial should examine every aspect of the conditions leading up to the events of January 6, 2020. Only in doing so can the United States avoid the trap of breathing life into a “stab in the back” theory that will only grow over time, condemning the American experiment in representative democracy to a self-fulfilling prophesy of its own demise.

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Netflix’s new crack cocaine documentary is addicted to pushing a racist agenda & ignores CIA’s role in US’ 80s drugs crisis

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A new documentary, Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy, reflects how drugs took a grip of America 40 years ago. But it lacks insight and profundity because it studiously avoids the hard questions in favor of easy answers.

Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy, directed by Stanley Nelson, recounts the rise of crack cocaine in the 1980s and the US’ calamitous War on Drugs unleashed in response to it. 

Cocaine, corruption and conspiracy are three things I can’t get enough of, so when this documentary was released on Netflix on January 11, I dove right in. The movie certainly lives up to its name, as it does chronicle cocaine and corruption, but when it tries to tackle conspiracy, it stumbles noticeably.

The film opens strongly with a chapter titled Greed is Good, which highlights the ties between the muscular American capitalism of the Reagan revolution of the 1980s and the explosion of the drug trade in the country’s inner cities.  

The drug dealer as a black-market, underclass extension of the archetypal American entrepreneur is a compelling idea, but unfortunately, the film quickly eschews such high-minded observations and devolves into purely race-based analysis. 

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The film’s thesis is that crack, the media and political response to it, and the War on Drugs, were a function of racism. 

The documentary repeatedly makes this assertion and assumes it to be true, but unfortunately never actually proves it. In fact, the movie is often at cross-purposes with itself over its race-based contention. 

For instance, the film claims that, due to racism, law enforcement originally didn’t police black neighborhoods and therefore let drugs flourish. When black communities demanded aggressive police action to combat crack and officials responded with increased policing of black neighborhoods, that’s deemed racism, too. 

The documentary is chock-full of this sort of circular logic, confirmation bias and shirking of responsibility. 

Another argument is that the government’s amenable response to the opioid crisis, which affects more white people, as opposed to its draconian response to the crack epidemic, which affected poor black neighborhoods, is proof of racism. 

This ignores a fact that the film details extensively: that the crack epidemic was accompanied by massive gun violence, something that hasn’t occurred with heroin.

Drug gangs selling crack engaged in gun battles over territory, which resulted in many deaths, but it wasn’t just drug users and dealers that were dying, it was civilians caught in the crossfire too. This led to much public outcry and to government officials resolving to stop the bloodshed. 

As Sam Quinones reports in his 2015 book Dreamland, Mexican heroin dealers in the US use a very different approach than violent crack dealers. To avoid police attention, these dealers don’t carry guns or use violence, and target smaller cities with a customer-friendly approach that includes phone orders and direct delivery. In essence, these dealers have become like the Big Pharma companies that pushed the scourge of opioids onto the American public with the blessing of the government and medical establishment in the first place. 

The documentary ignores these facts in favor of reducing everything to simple racism. 

As for the “conspiracy” in the film’s title, the movie raises –but then refuses to answer– whether the CIA had smuggled cocaine into the US from Central America (thus creating the crack epidemic) during the Iran-Contra affair.

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This “conspiracy” is referenced numerous times but, while never refuted, it’s also never endorsed. The furthest the film goes is to say that it’s understandable that black people believe in this conspiracy since they’ve been so victimized by the government and the war on drugs. 

There is compelling evidence that the CIA did smuggle cocaine into the country and was responsible for the explosion of crack and guns in inner city neighborhoods. 

Gary Webb famously wrote about this in 1996 for The Mercury News and in his 1998 book, Dark Alliance.  In response, the mainstream media quickly jumped to the defense of the CIA and pilloried Webb, essentially ending his career. Webb ended up ‘committing suicide’ in 2004 by shooting himself twice in the head. 

An Inspector-General’s report later verified much of what Webb claimed, according to journalist and Webb biographer Nick Schou, who wrote, “The CIA conducted an internal investigation that acknowledged in March 1998 that the agency had covered up Contra drug trafficking for more than a decade.”

The CIA is ruthless and amoral, so its use of the drug trade as a social destabilizer and off-the-books income source shouldn’t be shocking. 

Alexander Cockburn details the intelligence community’s history of illegal drug operations in his 2014 book Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press. According to Cockburn, the CIA was testing LSD on unsuspecting civilians in San Francisco and smuggling heroin from Vietnam in the 1960s, running cocaine and guns from Central and South America in the 1980s, and restarted the opium trade in Afghanistan after the US invasion in 2001. 

The documentary dutifully ignores Webb and Cockburn’s conspiratorial context, and its cowardly agnostic approach makes the film seem like controlled opposition, as it simply recycles establishment-sanctioned talking points around the war on drugs and uses racism as a shield to avoid bigger questions. In other words, the movie is just another opiate for the myopic mainstream masses.

Racism and a CIA conspiracy can both be, and probably are, major contributors to the moral atrocity and social calamity that is the War on Drugs, but shouting one and tap-dancing around the other turn Crack into just another documentary that would sooner tell people what they want to hear, rather than tell them the whole uncomfortable truth.

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By banning Trump and his supporters, Google and Twitter are turning the US into a facsimile of the regimes we once condemned

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Tech companies were once the primary tools of US “soft power” used to overthrow authoritarian regimes by exporting ‘digital democracy’. Now they employ the same tactics of suppression as those regimes to silence dissent at home.

The permanent suspension of President Trump’s Twitter account, carried out unilaterally  and devoid of any pretense of due process or appreciation of the First Amendment rights of Donald Trump, represents a low moment in American history. Trump’s ban was followed by a decision by Google to de-platform Parler.com, a social media alternative to Twitter favored by many of Trump’s supporters. Apple also gave Parler a “24 hour warning” asking it to provide a detailed moderation plan. Twitter, Google, Facebook (who also banned Trump) and the political supporters of President-elect Joe Biden cite concerns that the content of the president’s Twitter account, along with exchanges among pro-Trump users of Parler, constituted an “incitement of violence” risk that justified the actions taken.

In the aftermath of the storming of the Capitol by protesters seemingly motivated by the words of President Trump, there is legitimate justification for concern over the link between political violence and social media. But if history has taught us anything, the cure can be worse than the disease, especially when it comes to the issue of constitutionally protected freedom of speech.

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This danger is illustrated by the actions of the former First Lady Michelle Obama who has publicly called for tech companies like Twitter and Facebook to permanently ban Trump from their platforms and enact policies designed “to prevent their technology from being used by the nation’s leaders to fuel insurrection.” The irony of the wife of the last American President Barack Obama, who weaponized so-called digital democracy to export “Western democratic values” in the struggle against authoritarian regimes, to turn to Twitter to release her message of internet suppression, is striking. The fact that neither Michelle Obama nor those who extoll her message see this irony is disturbing.

The Obama administration first sought to use ‘digital democracy’, the name given to policies which aim to use web-based social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as vehicles to enhance the organization and activism of young people in repressive regimes to achieve American policy objectives of regime change, during the 2009 Iranian presidential election.  US ‘digital democracy’ efforts anchored a carefully orchestrated campaign to promote the candidacy of Mir Hossein Mousavi.  These efforts included a phone call from a US State Department official, Jared Cohen, to executives at Twitter to forgo a scheduled maintenance period and keep the lines in and out of Iran open, under the premise that it was essential to make sure that digital messages sent by Iranian dissidents got out to an international audience. Digital democracy became privatized when its primary architect, Jared Cohen, left the State Department in September 2010 to take a new position with internet giant Google as the head of ‘Google Ideas’ now known as ‘Jigsaw’. Jigsaw is a global initiative ‘think tank’ intended to “spearhead initiatives to apply technology solutions to problems faced by the developing world.” This was the same job Cohen was doing while at the State Department. 

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With unilateral censorship of a sitting US president, Big Tech has proven it’s more powerful than any government

Cohen promoted the notion of a “digital democracy contagion” based upon his belief that the “young people in the Middle East are just a mouse click away, they’re just a Facebook connection away, they’re just an instant message away, they’re just a text message away” from sufficiently organizing to effect regime change. Cohen and Google were heavily involved the January 2011 demonstrations in Egypt, using social networking sites to call for demonstrations and political reform; the “Egyptian contagion” version of ‘digital democracy’ phenomena was fueled by social networking internet sites run by Egyptian youth groups which took a very public stance opposing the Mubarak regime and calling for political reform.

The Iranian and Egyptian experiences in digital democracy-inspired regime change represent the nexus of the weaponization of social media by tech giants such as Twitter and Google, and  the US government, which at the time was under the stewardship of Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden. The fact that both the Iranian and Egyptian efforts failed only underscores the nefarious nature of this relationship. The very tools and methodologies used by Iranian and Egyptian authorities to counter US-sponsored “digital democracy” – suppression through de-platforming – have now been taken up by Twitter, Google, and the political allies of Joe Biden to silence Donald Trump and his supporters from protesting an election they believe was every bit as “stolen” as the 2009 Iranian presidential election that gave birth to ‘digital democracy’ in the first place.

In a recently published report addressing the issue of internet freedom, Freedom House, a US government-funded non-profit, non-governmental organization that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom, and human rights, observed that internet connectivity “is not a convenience, but a necessity.” Virtually all human activities, including political socialization, have moved online.  This new ‘digital world’, the report noted, “presents distinct challenges for human rights and democratic governance” with “State and nonstate actors…shape online narratives, censor critical speech, and build new technological systems of social control.”

Freedom House was one of the supporters of ‘digital democracy’ in Iran and has been highly critical of the actions by Iranian authorities to shut down and otherwise control internet connectivity inside Iran. It noted that such tactics are indicative of a system that is “fearful of their own people and worr[ies] that they cannot control the information space.” In its report, Freedom House wrote that “when civic organizing and political dissent overflow from the realm of social media onto the streets…dictators shut down networks to choke off any calls for greater democracy and human rights.”

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In July 2019, the US 2nd District Court of Appeals ruling on Knight First Amendment Institute v. Trump determined that President Trump’s Twitter account “bear[s] all the trappings of an official, state‐run account,” meaning that the First Amendment governed the conduct of the account. As such, “the First Amendment does not permit a public official who utilizes a social media account for all manner of official purposes to exclude persons from an otherwise open online dialogue because they expressed views with which the official disagrees.”

By banning Trump from their platform, the unelected employees of Twitter have done to the president of the United States what he was accused of doing in Knight First Amendment Institute v. Trump. If it was a violation of First Amendment-protected free speech for Trump to exclude persons from an otherwise open online dialogue, then the converse is obviously also true.

The notion that Trump’s tweets somehow represented a “clear and present danger” that required suppression is not supported by the law. In 1919 Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. wrote the majority opinion in Schenck v. United States, a case which examined the limits of free speech protections under the First Amendment, and famously observed that “The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theater and causing a panic…[t]he question in every case is whether the words used are used in such circumstances and are of such a nature as to create a clear and present danger that they will bring about the substantive evils that Congress has a right to prevent.”

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Holmes’ opinion in Schenck was later limited by the Supreme Court in its 1969 decision in Brandenburg v. Ohio, which replaced the “clear and present danger” standard with what is known as “imminent lawless action,” which holds that speech is not protected if it is likely to cause violation of the law “more quickly than an officer of the law reasonably can be summoned.” By suppressing the social media expressions of Donald Trump and his supporters, Twitter, Facebook, and Google – egged on by the political supporters of Joe Biden – appear to have unilaterally adopted the “clear and present danger” standard which deviates from the constitutionally-mandated norms, as established by Supreme Court precedent, that govern the protection of speech in America.

Political speech is not just a human right – in America, it is an essential constitutionally guaranteed freedom. When the political supporters of Joe Biden, along with the unelected heads of media giants such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google, actively collaborate to silence the ability of Donald Trump and the tens of millions of Americans who support him to express themselves on social media, they become no better than the authoritarian regimes they once sought to remove from power.

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The American Empire has fallen, though Washington may not know it yet

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Wanting to turn back the clock and restore the American Empire to what it was before Donald Trump’s presidency is a fool’s errand. It’s already a thing of the past – and the storming of the US Capitol was just the last straw.

Don’t take my word for it, though. “If the post-American era has a start date, it is almost certainly today,” argued none other than the head of the Council on Foreign Relations – the foremost think tank advocating for the Empire in Washington – after Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol by several hundred Trump supporters protesting the certification of the election for Biden.

“No one in the world is likely to see, respect, fear, or depend on us in the same way again,” lamented CFR president Richard Haas.

We are seeing images that I never imagined we would see in this country-in some other capital yes, but not here. No one in the world is likely to see, respect, fear, or depend on us in the same way again. If the post-American era has a start date, it is almost certainly today.

— Richard N. Haass (@RichardHaass) January 6, 2021

Sure enough, as Haas was saying this the NATO secretary-general tweeted about the “shocking scenes” in Washington and demanded that Joe Biden’s election “must be respected.” British and French leaders followed suit, as did the Organization of American States. Turkey “expressed concern.” Canada and India chimed in. 

Even Venezuela got into the act, condemning “acts of violence” in Washington and “political polarization” in the US, while expressing hope that Americans “can blaze a new path toward stability and social justice.”

#COMUNICADO| Venezuela expresa su preocupación por los hechos de violencia que se están llevando a cabo en la ciudad de Washington, EEUU; condena la polarización política y aspira que el pueblo estadounidense pueda abrirse un nuevo camino hacia la estabilidad y la justicia social pic.twitter.com/krqqFVV866

— Jorge Arreaza M (@jaarreaza) January 6, 2021

Keep in mind that the US has refused to recognize Venezuela’s elected president or parliament, attempting for the past two years to install an unelected ‘interim president’ instead and call it democracy. While the Trump administration has led this effort, the Democrats – now poised to have absolute power in the US – have been fully on board.

Likewise, the only time the Republican establishment and the Democrat ‘Resistance’ banded together in near-unison was to override Trump’s veto of the NDAA military funding bill, which contained a provision that would block him or any future president from withdrawing troops from overseas endless wars without prior congressional approval. The commitment to the Empire runs deep in the Washington ‘swamp’, as Trump used to call it.

“We are seeing images that I never imagined we would see in this country – in some other capital yes, but not here,” said Haas. 

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This unwitting admission of ‘American exceptionalism’ basically says it’s fine for US-backed activists to storm parliaments in “regimes” that Washington dislikes and wants to change, but when Americans rebel against their own government they believe is acting illegitimately, that’s beyond the pale.

While what happened Wednesday was not actually a “color revolution,”  the visuals were certainly similar enough for the world to take notice. It would be wrong, however, to blame the Capitol “insurrection” for the demise of the American Empire, when it was merely the last domino to fall.

Again, don’t take my word for it – here’s Ishan Tharoor, a columnist for the notoriously pro-establishment Washington Post, declaring on Thursday that for “many abroad,” the vision of the US as a shining city on a hill with global moral influence and authority “has already died a thousand deaths.” 

For many abroad, that vision of the “shining city on the hill” has already died a thousand deaths. For some, it was always an illusion to obscure the Washington-engineered coups and client military regimes that defined their national politics for decades. https://t.co/DG1SnNGmBy

— Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor) January 7, 2021

For some of these people, Tharoor argued, this narrative was “always an illusion to obscure the Washington-engineered coups and client military regimes.” Indeed. 

Democrats and their neocon allies have spent the past four years blaming Trump’s ‘America First’ policy, lamenting that he was acting unilaterally, antagonizing “allies” and creating a “leadership vacuum” in the world. Those are the talking points of the incoming administration as well. 

Except they’ve clearly forgotten the events of January 2020, when Trump ordered the drone assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. There were no protests from US “allies” – or should we say vassals? Instead, they fell in line with amazing alacrity.

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Trump actually embraced the American Empire, he simply dispensed with the polite fictions it had used to dress up as something else over the years.

Ironically, it was the mobilization of the entire US political establishment to get rid of Trump – starting with ‘Russiagate’ and the impeachment circus over the phone call to Ukraine, with nationwide riots about “racial justice” and the politically weaponized coronavirus lockdowns along the way – that did the lion’s share of exploding the myths that maintained US hegemony, both at home and abroad.

Remember the ‘Deep State’ that was supposedly a Trumpian conspiracy theory? Yet its existence was confirmed in the impeachment hearings, a former CIA director openly praised it, and the eventual revelations of a FBI plot to frame General Flynn removed any vestiges of doubt. 

The mainstream media’s war on Trump, later joined by social media platforms – censorship of the legitimate and accurate Hunter Biden laptop story just before the election being just the most egregious example – also played out for the world to see. In the end, they banned Trump from every social media platform while he was still in office, even as he said he would leave peacefully. 

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‘Turning point in the battle for control’: Edward Snowden, others warn of consequences to Trump’s Facebook ban

Basically, the entire US establishment was so consumed by the desire to burn Trump at the proverbial stake, they chopped up the scaffolding that held up the Empire to use as firewood.

In a speech recently, Joe Biden vowed to “rebuild, reclaim America’s place in the world” as a country that will “champion liberty and democracy once more.” That’s a daunting task, on par with putting the genie back into the bottle, un-spilling milk, or putting Humpty Dumpty back together again. 

Ironically, the only thing that could repair American prestige in the world might be to patch up the American Republic, almost broken by the four years of ‘Resistance’ to Trump. But as that would entail some self-awareness and soul-searching, it remains, shall we say, highly unlikely.

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With unilateral censorship of a sitting US president, Big Tech has proven it’s more powerful than any government

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Big Tech’s moves to muscle President Donald Trump off social media have been heralded by some as victory. But a corporate-run state with politicians serving as mere figureheads amounts to the very fascism they claim to oppose.

The smug, palpable air of ‘mission accomplished’ emanating from Facebook, Twitter and Google in the weeks after the media called November’s election for Democrat Joe Biden has been hard to ignore. Thanks to an iron grip on the political narrative and the heavy-handed suppression of any influential dissenting voices, these insanely wealthy companies and their partners in the media establishment have managed to successfully upend what was left of the US’ democratic process. 

In short, they have reason to celebrate, having pulled off the first successful national-level coup-by-media in US history. And better yet — for them at least — having helped the ‘right’ guy win, they won’t have to answer to any bogus charges of Russian collusion this time around. Indeed, no less than the Department of Homeland Security came forward to declare the vote the most secure in US history — a baffling claim at best, given the same officials have spent months insisting foreign infiltration supposedly had democracy hanging by a thread. 

Also on rt.com
Woman shot during US Capitol siege dies as Virginia governor declares emergency & curfew kicks in

The epic pearl-clutching that followed Wednesday’s march on the Capitol is almost guaranteed to result in further restrictions on online speech — and as many observers noted, that’s just how Big Tech and Big Brother want it. No explanations have been forthcoming as to why the Capitol was largely unguarded during the protests, even though Trump had for weeks been calling on his followers to stage “wild” demonstrations on that day. Nor was it clear why Mayor Muriel Bowser waited so long before sending in police and the military to rein in the chaos. 

The stage seemed to have been deliberately set for disaster, just the sort of spectacle a clever Big Business-Big Tech axis needs to terrify the masses into believing a full-on insurrection is afoot. The only real surprise in Wednesday’s events is that more people weren’t killed — but that’s where the media came in, wielding luridly detailed descriptions and photographing the most bizarrely-attired figures in the group.

By distracting the public, attributing the violence that claimed five lives to the ubiquitous Radicalized Domestic Extremists™ and banning an ever-growing number of discussion topics, Facebook, Twitter, and Google can dodge a total repeal of Section 230 liability protections and live to blanket the nation in propaganda another day. Never mind the absence of visible ‘white supremacists,’ Nazis, and other undesirables supposedly leading the pro-Trump contingent — it’s always possible to Photoshop in a Nazi insignia or 12 in post. 

voila, instant atrocity! © New Line Cinema

Ultimately, the narrative diverges from reality just enough to make its point, fingering social media as the culprit, and duping the average American into supporting further incursions on their First Amendment freedoms. The moral of the story becomes “Stop thinking, before someone gets hurt.”

And should the relationship sour, and politicians want their power back? Big Tech can easily scuttle any legislative attempts to break up its monopoly merely by threatening to expose the secrets of the dozens of government agencies that have their data stored in the cloud. Companies like Facebook and Twitter, Amazon and Google have what’s left of American ‘democracy’ by the proverbial balls, and should some crusading politician attempt to disrupt their cozy relationship, they’d almost certainly live to regret it. 

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Just the beginning? Corporate speech-policing fears grow as US senator loses book deal over election objections

it would take just one inconvenient ‘leak’ to turn the public against any Luddite savior attempting to pry Big Tech’s boot off American necks. These firms’ control of the media is so airtight that a manufactured ‘scandal’ could be cooked up and launched into cyberspace in a matter of hours. Such retaliation would serve the dual purpose of destroying the political crusader’s career and reminding other would-be do-gooders not to do anything foolish — like fighting to defend one’s own country against the megacorporations holding it hostage. 

By blocking Trump from even posting on Facebook and live-streaming platform Twitch – and only recently allowed back into his Twitter account with a “final warning” after a 12-hour lockout – Big Tech has made it clear they’re no longer satisfied with a mere monopoly over one of the few profitable industries left in the US. They won’t stop accumulating power until they run politics, from the presidency to the smallest local election. With Wednesday’s riots, the carefully-choreographed dance between tech execs and the politicians who do their bidding has been given the green light to ascend to the next level. Deplatforming Trump is only the beginning of a megalomaniacal crusade against all those who would question a government by the algorithms, of the algorithms, and for the algorithms. 

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The shooting of Ashli Babbitt by Capitol police has echoes of BLM icon George Floyd’s murder… but she will have no golden coffin

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Both died at the hands of police and both symbolise a cause, but US patriot Ashli Babbitt is branded a “domestic terrorist” after her death, while George Floyd became a martyr to millions and was buried in a gold-plated casket.

When Ashli Babbitt packed her Trump 2020 flag in her backpack and set off from her California home to join a pro-Trump rally on Wednesday, the last thing she would have expected was to end that trip lying on the floor of Washington’s Capitol building dying from a gunshot wound to her chest.

In a strange way, her death at the hands of a law enforcement official, has much in common with that of George Floyd, the 46-year-old black man from Minneapolis who was murdered during a botched arrest attempt by a white policeman last May.

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I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but how does a bloke in a Chewbacca bikini outwit the nation’s finest and storm the Capitol?

Having just ducked out for some cigarettes, Floyd was soon to utter those immortal words “I can’t breathe,” which prefaced his death and led to global protests and the worldwide surge of interest in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Like Floyd, Ashli Babbitt was a regular, working-class American simply struggling to keep her pool supplies company afloat. She was a 14-year veteran of four tours of the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan, as a security forces controller. After leaving the military in 2016 she had her ups and downs, just like George. But like him, her sudden death was unexpected. And like him, it came at the hands of policemen and has caused tremendous uproar.

Only one, however, will go to their grave condemned by President-elect Joe Biden as a “domestic terrorist.” And that is not George Floyd.

For the past four years, President Trump has unleashed an all-out assault on the institutions of our democracy.Yesterday was but the culmination of that unrelenting attack. pic.twitter.com/Mcli7mzENu

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) January 8, 2021

Although he had a five-year prison stretch behind him, was a habitual drug user and at the time of his arrest was thought to be attempting to pass counterfeit money, now none of that matters. He was buried in a ‘Promethean’ gold-plated casket – like Michael Jackson and James Brown – estimated to have cost $30,000 during a funeral at which boxing champion Floyd Mayweather picked up the tab.

The coffin, the service, the celebrity paying the bill; all these were not because George Floyd was necessarily a valued member of the community whose contributions to society would be sorely missed. It was because of what his death represented. George is a modern-day martyr to a cause.

Just as many will inevitably claim Ashli Babbitt is to hers. 

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This simple 35-year-old Californian described herself on Twitter as a Libertarian who loved her “dude,” dog and country. That image doesn’t quite chime with that of Biden’s insensitive rebuke of the protesters as “domestic terrorists.”

It is unlikely that anyone will be calling for a gold-plated casket in which to bury Ashli Babbitt, but you would expect that as veteran with a long career of honourable military service, she might be laid to rest with the Stars and Stripes draped over her coffin.

That could put the US Department of Veterans Affairs in an awkward position. If the family requests as much, the flag should be provided as it relates only to Babbitt’s service record while in the USAF, not what she did once discharged.

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George Floyd didn’t deserve to die, but it’s WRONG that he’s being hailed as some sort of saint

While she might have flirted with the flat-earthers of QAnon and retweeted bonkers conspiracy theories as she explored politics free of the oversight of military service, these are not crimes under current US law and don’t point to her being some mad racist, Nazi, satanist or terrorist.

Those who insisted on highlighting the flawed character of George Floyd were widely condemned, and now those efforts to paint Ashli Babbitt as something she wasn’t should also be resisted.

While neither of these symbols of a deeply divided country could be called saints, George Floyd will always be remembered as the unwitting instigator of a movement that changed the way we think about race.

Ashli Babbitt’s legacy is yet to be determined but she does not deserve condemnation for choosing to be a patriot. Joe Biden should take note.

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The manufactured trans storm over Eddie Izzard’s pronouns highlights the ignorance destroying young girls’ lives

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The trans comedian can choose boy or girl ‘mode’, but adolescent girls struggling with gender don’t have it so easy, as numbers rise of those choosing irreversible double mastectomies, phalloplasty, and a life of drugs.

The most unsettling TV of the year so far, even more so than those Downing Street press conferences, was watching a string of morning show presenters tie themselves in knots over the use of pronouns when referring to comedian Eddie Izzard’s latest charity challenge of running 31 marathons in 31 days on his home treadmill.

Suddenly a bog standard, lightweight morning television fluff piece became ground zero in the transgender culture wars, when woke warriors leapt into action on social media fabricating a storm of outrage that whirled above the three TV hosts as they discussed Izzard in the masculine third person.

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The grammatical missteps lay there like dog poo on the carpet at a cocktail party. But the ever-alert trans brigade was on the job. Oh, the self-righteous outrage of those patrolling the airwaves on behalf of victims everywhere.

“Eddie Izzard has asked to be referred to as female, please stop mis-gendering her.” stomped one such crusader. “Every presenter on @GMB has spent an entire segment misgendering Eddie Izzard,” flounced another. You get the flavour, no need for more.

Every presenter on @GMB has spent an entire segment misgendering Eddie Izzard.

— lou brooks (@loubrooks) January 7, 2021

@GMB Eddie Izzard has asked to be referred to as a female, please stop mis-gendering her.

— Danielle Taylor (@Dani2201) January 7, 2021

For those who missed the great reveal or are not subscribers to ‘Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story’, the comedian apparently told the audience at a recent awards ceremony, “I would quite like to be known as she, because I’m in girl mode.” But then, like a modern-day shapeshifter, the comedian informed Lorraine Kelly, “I am gender fluid, I do all my dramatic roles in boy mode.” Rrrrrrright.

Without meaning to offend, of course, how the hell is anyone expected to know what mode Eddie’s in at any specific point? Is there a light on her/his forehead? Any run-of-the-mill conversation runs a 50-50 chance of causing upset, such are the vagaries of gender fluidity. And whatever happened to freedom of speech?

The incident, while of itself a particularly British comedy of manners, highlights the most disturbing adult culture war of modern times: the transgender craze. While Izzard is certainly no newcomer to the issue, having appeared on stage in make-up and women’s clothing for decades, taking part in the current debate over gender fluidity brings attendant responsibilities.

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The comedian’s glib admission of he-to-she-to-he transition will have rung alarm bells among concerned parents and brave souls like Keira Bell, the now-23-year-old who, as a depressed isolated girl aged just 14, was given puberty-blocking drugs and testosterone but later regretted her decision.

To Keira, gender is not about pronouns, it’s about the irreversible damage the drugs she was administered as part of her now-reversed transition have done to her body. Those drugs cause irrevocable side effects, including facial hair, a masculine tone of voice, infertility, and impaired sexual function. To Keira, and to others just like her, who decide that they prefer the gender they were born with after all and will stick with it, these rash indulgences of youthful discontent have lifelong consequences. Eddie’s ‘gender’ may very well be ‘fluid’, but double mastectomies, hormone blockers and phalloplasties are not.

It’s not about bigotry, hate speech, or misgendering. It is about a global spike in the number of teenage girls who believe they have been ‘born in the wrong body’. When Eddie Izzard first took to the stage 35 years ago, this gender dysphoria was a condition predominantly affecting males. Now females comprise three of every four cases, with patient numbers having soared by 3,000 percent in a decade, according to journalist Abigail Shrier in her must-read investigative masterclass, ‘Irreversible Damage’.

Meanwhile, liberal activists and the media in the US and the UK cheer this supposed ‘enlightenment’, while adolescent girls exhibiting record levels of anxiety and clinical depression – expressed in spiralling rates of self-harm, anorexia and suicidal thoughts – undergo mutilating surgery and become lifelong patients thanks to the greed of medical capitalism and the ignorance of trans campaigners.

This chills any parent, like me, with a child in the highly vulnerable 11-to-18 age group, but it’s encouraging that we are not alone. JK Rowling has fallen foul of the transgender posse, which continues its attempts to discredit her, and so too has former Guardian journalist Suzanne Moore, who was disgracefully ambushed by her own colleagues and subsequently quit the newspaper she had worked at for decades in disgust.

They have become embroiled in a very adult argument, dominated by trans women and gay men, in which questioning the rise in number of ‘trans children’ would mean fewer resources allocated to trans adults. And that cannot be allowed.

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There is a long way to go in this battle, but Eddie Izzard’s magical gender switch which allows him to magically swap between girl and boy mode is not a part of it. Not everyone is enchanted with the idea of a showbiz celeb in the sunset years of his career welling up on TV having successfully insisted on being called ‘she’ and chalking it up as a ‘trans’ win.

It’s nothing of the sort. It’s childish ignorance masquerading as gender activism that ignores the incredibly complicated issue at the centre of this cultural debate and shames those who choose to argue grammatical semantics when the lives of teenage girls are at stake.

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Yesterday, Jan 6, 2021, a date which will live in infamy, the US was suddenly and deliberately attacked… by domestic terrorists

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David Haggith is an author published by Putnam and HarperCollins. He is publisher of The Great Recession Blog and writes for over 50 economic news websites. His Twitter page of economic humor is @EconomicRecess.

Fuelled and fooled by their own president, these would-be insurrectionists were a shameful disgrace to our country. It is a day that will be forever engraved in the Capitol’s history.

The president of the United States, battling relentlessly and without victory for two months against US courts, fomented the move that reached its apex in armed insurrection against the US Capitol. He told his crowd, “We’re going to walk down to the Capitol… You’ll never take back our country with weakness… You have to show strength and you have to be strong.” He did this only hours before he would have officially been made ex-president un-elect by Congress in order to stop the change of power that would have happened. He succeeded for a day.

Trump supporters arrived with guns, plexiglass shields, and sharpened 2x4s. They pushed past police barriers and police officers against the commands of police and stormed the Capitol steps. They used their shields and sticks to break government windows and entered the building with guns slung over their shoulders. They had to be held at bay by Capitol security guards in the House chamber with guns drawn and aimed at point-blank distance from behind the barricaded main doors of the chamber at insurrectionists staring through the broken glass at them eye-to-eye.

The president told supporters in recent days to come to Washington to protest, and he incited the potential for violence by telling them it was going to be wild. On Wednesday, he met with the considerable Capitol lynch mob that had gathered and assured them that something would happen that day that would restore his presidency.

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This turned into an armed insurrection in the truest sense in that the mob intended to deliberately stop the government from being able to govern the nation and carry out its duties. It did. The revolt intended to prevent the official validation of the selection of a US president via a constitutionally mandated meeting of the full Congress on this day. It did. It immediately dispersed all members of Congress to run for cover and resulted in the vice president, who had been publicly threatened with death already, into being ushered from the building by the Secret Service.

It not only stopped the government in its tracks, it laid siege to the Capitol building for a few hours. It forced members of Congress to lock themselves in their offices and take cover under their desks. It thus prevented the peaceful transition of power on the designated day for that action, which has never been forcibly prevented in US history. It even managed to occupy some offices of senators and representatives. It is a day that shall live in infamy and be engraved in the Capitol’s history.

Due to a woefully unprepared policing operation, the police were easily overwhelmed. They lost all control of the situation immediately to where hundreds of intruders roamed casually throughout the Capitol building. Police officers were injured. The police shot rioters storming through the Capitol windows and mortally wounded one protester who was carried off conscious on a stretcher but with ribbons of blood streaming from her neck. She eventually died.

President Trump’s original chief of staff during his first half year in office, Reince Priebus, stated during Wednesday’s melee, “Many of these folks are nothing but domestic terrorists… These violent people have no respect for democracy.”

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‘Terrorists’ is not an overly strong word. After all, those who entered the building with guns could have just as easily entered with grenades. Of course, they created terror because everyone in the building knew none of the mob had been scanned or searched before entering as is normal for public buildings, especially the Capitol, ever since 9/11. Therefore, any of them clearly could have been from ISIS or any other terrorist group.

No one knew who any individual was. They could have had suicide vests or pipe bombs or grenades under their jackets. How would you know when they casually walked right through Statuary Hall past police officers only feet away? Many passed without resistance between velvet ropes normally meant to only keep tourists in line, not terrorists? They walked right into the chamber of the House of Representatives and for the first time in US history managed to place a Confederate flag in the House chamber.

Some among the masses wore Revolutionary War hats, seeing themselves as walking in the footsteps of historic patriots who overthrew British imperial soldiers. They clapped each other on the back after sunset and gathered by the thousands around the Washington Monument in defiance of the DC mayor’s curfew order. 

They didn’t ‘back the blue’ as true patriots, but revolted against the police – both municipal and national – knocking down barricades and striking the police and pushing them and spraying them with mace. It was not “peaceable and orderly assembly,” a constitutional right, but a totally disorderly and often violent assembly that would make Antifa or BLM envious of its rapid, albeit brief, success.

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The lack of police readiness was beyond disgraceful. Everyone in the nation knew the president’s planned protest would be heated and that he would throw as much fuel onto their already inflamed tempers as he possibly could. Everyone knew that armed members of the Proud Boys would be present and that they sounded ready for combat in their own social-media comments. Into this tinderbox, the president threw as many lit matches as he could.

At a rally months ago that became intense, President Trump himself told the Proud Boys to “stand down and stand by!” We all know that statement doesn’t mean ‘settle down’, but translates ‘be ready for action, as you may be called upon’. How could anyone see the president’s call to come to Washington on the day when the presidential election would be confirmed by congress and to be ready for things to “get wild” as anything other than a veiled call to arms?

Even Mike Pence, the presidential poodle, finally got a spine and stated, “This attack on our Capitol will not be tolerated and those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” 

Peaceful protest is the right of every American but this attack on our Capitol will not be tolerated and those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

— Mike Pence (@Mike_Pence) January 6, 2021

Trump, on the other hand, merely assuaged the mob by gushing, “We love you. You’re very special. We know how you feel… You have to go home now. We have to have peace. Go home with love & in peace.” Then, as though they had completed a commendable event, he exclaimed, “Remember this day forever!” He also justified the actions of the mob by saying, “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long.”

Only a couple of days ago, one of the president’s ad hoc attorneys, Lin Wood, stated that Vice President Pence – if he did not adhere to the president’s orders – would be charged with treason and executed by firing squad:

Wood also stated that Chief Justice John Roberts of the US Supreme Court and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should be arrested and tried for treason.

On this same day, the president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, yelled to the crowd in the White House ellipse, “Let’s have trial by combat!”

When ‘all the president’s men’ are constantly inciting tens of millions of enraged citizens toward white-hot anger and telling them to come ready for a wild time, they cannot be held innocent of inciting violence. On this grim day, the president of the United States incited armed insurrection against his nation’s Capitol in order to cling to power as many had feared he would do. Their fears have been proven correct.

Even Brit Hume, a former anchor for Fox News, the president’s favored news channel until it became less flattering toward him, said, “I don’t think there is any doubt that the president’s words got us to this point.” Hume, who covered the 2020 election, said he thought many supporters of Trump most likely saw the light about the president by these actions on Wednesday and stated, “If the election were held tonight, he’d lose by a lot more than he lost last time.”

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Congress confirms Joe Biden as president-elect after Trump supporters stormed US Capitol building

After a day like Wednesday, it would also not be surprising if the president’s own cabinet decided they’ve finally had enough and, along with Congress, stripped Trump of his office under the 25th Amendment, giving Mike Pence the only dozen days he will likely ever know as president of the United States.

Those members of Congress who sought to stop Joe Biden’s rightful endorsement may be permanently disgraced by this – as they should be – now that their president has been revealed for what he really is. Trump’s ill effect on the nation, which at one time operated with civility but now in divisiveness, disgrace, distrust, and disquiet, will go down as one of the nation’s darkest hours in history, and the treasonous insurrectionists may go down on a rope.

As loss after loss has turned the president increasingly maniacal, the gilded name ‘Trump’ may go down in history with more guilt than gold as a term of derision like ‘Benedict Arnold’.

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Do you realize now what you have done? US gets the kind of ‘democracy’ it championed overseas

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A crowd of protesters stormed Congress protesting a presidential election they claimed had been fraudulent. When this happened in Serbia in 2000, the US called it democracy. When it happened in Washington, DC – not so much.

Scenes from the US Capitol on Wednesday, as protesters backing President Donald Trump disrupted the joint session of Congress meeting to certify the election of Democrat Joe Biden, looked very much like Belgrade in October 2000

The Senate pic.twitter.com/ooJZ6qNATe

— Steven Nelson (@stevennelson10) January 6, 2021

The sight was later repeated in Ukraine – twice, in 2004 and 2014 – Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, and several Central Asian former Soviet republics. On every occasion, the US backed the “people power,” because American NGOs and embassies were supporting what became known as “color revolutions.”

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Trump supporter SHOT during Capitol breach, now in critical condition

Same thing happened in 2011 with the “Arab Spring” that started in Tunisia and then burned its way across North Africa to the Persian Gulf. In some places it “succeeded,” overthrowing decades-old governments. In others it failed, setting off wars in Libya and Syria and leaving blood on the streets of Bahrain. Again, the US cheered this on as democracy – except for Bahrain, which hosts a major naval base. 

More recently, the US denounced as illegitimate the presidential elections in Belarus, Bolivia and Venezuela. While Minsk and Caracas managed to resist – and got sanctioned for it – the “democrats” in La Paz were successful for a while, but ended up losing the vote last year. 

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America masterminded ‘color revolutions’ around the world. Now the very same techniques are being used at home

Way back in 2004, the Guardian wrote approvingly about how the US has created a “slick” operation of “engineering democracy through the ballot box and civil disobedience,” developing since Belgrade a “template for winning other people’s elections.” 

Now the same mainstream media that slavishly followed the State Department line in denouncing elections elsewhere as “rigged” and color revolutions as spontaneous democracy are clutching their pearls when Americans who believe their election was stolen take to the streets and storm their Capitol.

In other nations, when demonstrators, urged by a cornered president, try to take over the capital building it’s called a coup. Nothing else.

— Richard Engel (@RichardEngel) January 6, 2021

Ah, but this election wasn’t stolen, they’d say – it was pure as driven snow, “most secure ever,” all the experts who told us for four years the previous one was “hacked by Russia” tell us so! And Joe Biden won the most votes in history while hardly leaving his basement. Whether you believe this official narrative about the US election or not doesn’t really matter, however. Partisan myopia simply won’t let people understand the magnitude of what is on display here: utter moral bankruptcy of the entire US political and media establishment. 

Why isn’t Victoria Nuland passing out cookies? https://t.co/Hgshl9D7wJpic.twitter.com/UVfS0o2iHa

— Anya Parampil (@anyaparampil) January 6, 2021

Republicans and Democrats alike used “color revolutions” as a political weapon for years, preaching democracy even as their astroturfed coups snuffed out any vestiges of it that might have developed organically. Over the past year, they’ve done so at home as well, using Covid-19 lockdowns to abolish elementary constitutional rights, culminating with changing the electoral rules to better serve “our democracy,” defined as whatever gets them power. 

What did they think people would do when all avenues of airing their grievances were closed off? Meekly submit – or take a page out of the same playbook the politicians and the media spent 20 years celebrating?

I told you this was coming and I’ll tell you something else right now: It gets worse from here. The people within The System simply do not have a clue the level of anger there is outside of The System.I told you all. You poked and prodded and laughed and mocked. Now it’s here

— Jesse Kelly (@JesseKellyDC) January 6, 2021

Don’t go “but Trump,” either. The supposed Nazi fascist dictator himself ordered National Guard and police to clear out the protesters who sided with him, and protect the establishment that did not. He’s a real Hitler, right? No matter, expect the media to paint him as such anyway.

Perhaps the US ought to take a long, hard look at its own house before it continues calling out, sanctioning, regime-changing or bombing other countries over their supposed lack of “democracy.” Maybe actually answer the question Russian President Vladimir Putin asked at the UN back in 2015, addressing the consequences of the ‘Arab Spring’: “Do you realize now what you have done?”

But we all know that’s not going to happen, don’t we?

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Trump supporters in ARMED STANDOFF with police inside US Capitol as offices evacuated & lawmakers told to don gas masks – reports

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George Galloway: I’m happy my friend Julian isn’t being sent to a US gulag. But this shameful episode is a huge stain on Britain

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Julian Assange will go down in history as a great and brave journalist, and I hope he finds the strength to continue his noble work. But his persecution shames this country and those who went along with it.

The global historic figure Julian Assange, the greatest journalist and publisher of our age, will not be extradited to the gulag of the American injustice system. Sing Hallelujah!

But as Wellington said after the Battle of Waterloo: “It was a damn close run thing.”

Hard pounding it has been. Most of all for the frail and gentle Mr. Assange, his partner and children, and his mother and father.

The Calvary of false allegations, house arrest in the Embassy of Ecuador (in truth a ground-floor flat), and the hell of Belmarsh Gaol, a maximum security, freezing cold and Covid-stricken concrete bunker. Abandon hope all ye who enter here, it may as well say above the entrance.

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Blocking Assange’s extradition to the US is the right decision… but it’s been made for the wrong reason

As it happens I have the most excellent relations with Britain’s prison officers through long involvement with their trade union affairs, and I pressed throughout for the officers to treat Julian fairly during his detention. I failed.

Not because the guards wanted to treat him mean, but because the meanness came from on high.

Britain has cavalierly burned much of its reputation in the case of Julian Assange.

The now-opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer, while director of public prosecutions, did everything he could to prolong the agony of the since-discredited sex allegations against Assange. Urging his Swedish counterparts not to get cold feet as the always-threadbare accusations unravelled. Dissuading the Swedes from either giving undertakings not to extradite Assange onwards to the US or sending investigators to interview him in London.

The Guardian newspaper, once a jewel in the crown of liberal Britain, became perhaps the chief persecutor of their former star reporter after feasting for years on his WikiLeaks revelations.

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Slavoj Zizek: The treatment of Assange is an assault on everyone’s personal freedoms

The state broadcaster, the BBC, got through pretending that the world’s most important political prisoner didn’t exist, even though there’s just two miles between the Old Bailey and their headquarters.

But the calculated meanness of the British justice system was both wholly unnecessary and difficult to understand, right down to failing to provide the thermal underwear and other winter clothing to which the unconvicted prisoner was entitled and who lies even now in the prison basement. 

The humiliations were endless: constant strip searching in court, placing him in a bullet-proof glass booth from which he couldn’t follow the proceedings of his own case, gratuitous (and baseless) personal insults from the bench. At times these proceedings seemed like a show-trial in a banana republic with prosecutorial screeching even from the supposedly impartial judge!

Even in refusing the extradition, on health grounds, the judge accepted virtually all of the US charges, leaving the sword of Damocles hanging over the head of Assange or any other journalist who dares to publish inconvenient truths about the fading but still powerful US empire.

Also on rt.com
Only we can lock up journalists and get away with it, UK embassy warns China

The Trump administration has seven days in which to lodge an appeal against this refusal. The president would be well advised to tell the Justice Department not to bother. If they couldn’t persuade Judge Vanessa Baraitser, they won’t persuade anyone else. And here’s another reason that might appeal to the man currently occupying the White House: if anyone can find out what REALLY happened in the US elections, that man is Julian Assange!

Having been a part of Julian’s campaign from the start (I could show you my scars), I would have been proud to have been so even if we’d lost.

I can’t find the words to tell you how I feel now that we have won. 

As soon as he is able, Mr. Assange and his family must resettle somewhere else and continue with his work. Somewhere safe from the reaches of the criminals who have made it an offence to report on their crimes.

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Blocking Assange’s extradition to the US is the right decision… but it’s been made for the wrong reason

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Julian Assange has been saved from extradition to the US from the UK as he is considered a suicide risk. While the outcome has been welcomed by many, it does nothing to address political persecution or support press freedom.

The battle is over, but the war is not. The decision by Judge Vanessa Baraitser not to extradite WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange was highly unexpected. After all, investigative reporting has revealed she has a track record of having approved 96 percent of extradition requests.

Very few of Assange’s backers and supporters of press freedom believed she would do the ‘right thing’. And they have been proven correct.

Yes, it’s a relief that a man who uncovered the wanton abuse of state powers will not be sent to America to face trial and a potential lifetime behind bars. And it’s a massive shot in the arm for anyone who believes ordinary people are entitled to know what governments and authorities do in their name.

For that, the judgement at the Old Bailey in London will be viewed as a landmark decision. Many will see it as reasserting the basic fundamental right to seek truth and hold states to account for their actions.

Also on rt.com
Slavoj Zizek: The treatment of Assange is an assault on everyone’s personal freedoms

Hearing the verdict, the crowd outside the court erupted with joy, chanting “Free Julian Assange now!” and passing around bottles of champagne. But he is not expected to be allowed to leave custody until later this week, as the US government plans to appeal the decision. That will be processed first, and then he should be released following a bail hearing on Wednesday.

It will be Assange’s first taste of freedom since June 19, 2012, when he applied for political asylum in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, subsequently appearing sporadically on a balcony to wave to the world. During that time, he fathered two children with his partner Stella Moris.

He was removed from the embassy by British police on April 11, 2019 and has since been incarcerated in Belmarsh Prison, in south-east London.

His first appearance in public will, for some, be like Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech, or the JFK assassination – they will remember it forever. But, sadly, that is not how the establishment or governments will view it.

Assange’s legal team failed to convince the judge he had not committed politically motivated misdemeanours. He was freed for the sole reason that he is considered a suicide risk if sent to the US. He is struggling with both his physical and mental health.

Also on rt.com
Only we can lock up journalists and get away with it, UK embassy warns China

As one of his supporters said after the verdict, “The political arguments were upheld. It is only the doctor’s assessment of Julian Assange that has saved him from extradition.”

The refusal to extradite was because the court felt the US prison system would be too inhumane and potentially tip Assange over the edge. In short, the judge felt if he were to be locked up in America, he would die – either of physical ill health or by killing himself.

Recent pictures of Assange show a person who appears to be in a worryingly frail condition compared to the healthy man who entered the Ecuadorian Embassy.

With a lack of access to fresh air, exercise and, normal human interaction for so long, this is hardly surprising.

Investigative reporter John Pilger tweeted, “It’s a face-saving cover for the British to justify their disgraceful political trial of #Assange on America’s behalf.”

Julian #Assange has been discharged by the judge at the Old Bailey on grounds that he was too great a suicide risk if extradited to the US. This is wonderful! It's a face-saving cover for the British to justify their disgraceful political trial of #Assange on America's behalf.

— John Pilger (@johnpilger) January 4, 2021

The judgement even made reference to billionaire convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s death in custody as an example of why Assange should not be sent there.

Speaking outside the court, Rebecca Vincent, the director of Reporters Without Borders, commented, “It is very clear on substantive grounds: this country would have handed him over.”She added: “The arms of the US can reach everywhere.”

Britain’s legal system exits this affair looking both lily-livered and toothless. Instead of taking a stand for freedom of expression and supporting fearless reporting, it has used a technicality to duck out of any responsibility.

The concern for Assange’s life is clearly important and respected by all, but the refusal to appreciate the political element of his persecution is appalling.

It is a half-cocked effort to appease everyone and thereby maintain the sinister status quo. The message is clear: any future journalist or whistleblower who ends up in the same situation, who is physically more robust than Assange and lacking his profile, will be extradited.

We should all celebrate the restoration of Assange’s liberty. He is guilty of nothing and has been denigrated for revealing sordid secrets the US government wanted to keep hidden forever.

Assange deserves to walk free and be respected for what he did in the name of truth. But the fact remains, Judge Baraitser did the right thing for the wrong reason.

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A creeping black vs. black schism is dividing America as some descendants of slaves demand a special status over immigrants

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The Black Lives Matter movement has shone a spotlight on many racial issues and has inadvertently led to a higher profile for the issue of how American Descendants of Slavery are treated, and what their place is in US society.

‘Judas and the Black Messiah’, the biopic of assassinated Black Panther chairman Fred Hampton, is the type of movie you’d expect to spark controversy. 

But most wouldn’t expect it to be in the form of criticism that a black man was cast in the lead role.

The issue for some is that he’s the ‘wrong type’ of black, as Daniel Kaluuya is a Londoner with Ugandan parents.  

They instead wanted the role to go to a not-very-well-known subset of the black diaspora, an American Descendant of Slavery (ADOS). One infuriated black America woman tweeted: “Why is Daniel Kaluuya in the US seeking roles of Black American #ADOS civil rights icons? If he doesn’t want to talk about race, seek other roles, stay away from ADOS history. Our history is the story of a people forced into a race struggle.”

The spat has offered a glimpse into a passionate and raging debate that many will be unaware of.

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In 1988, Rev. Jesse Jackson popularised the term ‘African American’. The problem is that African or West Indian immigrants to the US can also be classified under that category, alongside black people born in America. The concept of ADOS is to carve out an identity and pathway exclusive to just the descendants of slavery in North America.

It’s a complex matter, and it excludes millions of individuals. 

For example, one of the founders of ADOS, Antonio Moore, has spoken about how Barack Obama should not be seen as one of them, as the former president’s mother was white and his father Kenyan: “Barack Obama rode the narrative of slavery, the memory of Martin Luther King Jr., and the celebrity cache of Oprah, all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

The ADOS approach is causing increasing tension between groups in everyday life. Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, who moved to the US from Nigeria to study at the age of 19, has experienced such issues, explaining, “There is a certain kind of black American that deeply resents an African whom they think of as privileged, privileged Nigerians especially. My husband and I have got to the airport and they’ve said to us, ‘You’re Nigerian, I bet you have twenty-five thousand dollars in your bag, let’s see it.’”

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The converse viewpoint also exists.

William A. Darity Jr. of Duke University is one of the leading scholars in the field, and he produces much of the content that ADOS proponents rely on.

He told RT this week: “The irony is recent black immigrants seem resistant to the ADOS assertion of a distinct ethnic identity while maintaining their own identity as Nigerian (even more narrowly as Igbo), Ghanaian, Jamaican, etc.”

The idea of being divided into a social category by skin colour is alien to most Africans.

Kenyan writer Mkawasi Mcharo Hall explains: “Our identity was and still is ingrained in ethnicity, not in skin color. It explains why most Africans experience being called ‘black’ or ‘African’ for the first time when they come to America.” 

There are simple examples of this. Amala and Efo riro are popular Nigerian dishes, but they wouldn’t be accurately described as African, in the same way haggis would be classed Scottish and not European.

It’s also common for immigrants to grasp their culture to a greater degree than they did previously.

The basic human condition of wanting to feel at home results in families creating local groups, or opening shops to import their national products. 

There is no malice – it’s an instinct, as most people feel some connection to their homeland and want to express it.

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That communal rallying point doesn’t exist for ADOS.

Due to the horrific crimes committed against their ancestors, they don’t know where they came from. Most slaves arrived in the Americas from West Africa, with Benin even apologising for its role in selling fellow Africans back in 2000. 

This is a point that’s a major motivation for the all-black militia NFAC leader Grand Master Jay, who told RT earlier this year, “We have no identity, they call us African Americans but tell me, where in Africa? There are 55 countries in Africa.” 

The schism is exacerbated, as African immigrants generally have higher average earnings than ADOS, while they and their children tend to do better academically. 

The key behind their success is they have a better level of education and therefore can command greater salaries – as Darity Jr. explainedm “Generally immigrants who are hyper-selected from the population of their country of origin do better than the native-born population, on average, in the receiving country. Hyper-selectivity means the immigrant population has a higher level of education and financial resources than the average for their fellow citizens. Recent African immigrants to the US represent an extreme of hyper-selectivity; they are better educated than most Americans, black or white, upon arrival.”

A study in 2013 showed that 35 percent of African immigrants had a college degree, higher than the entire US population (30 percent) and far more than ADOS (19 percent). 

It also revealed that the average salary for a black immigrant was $43,800 and for ADOS it was $33,500 – although the US average was $52,000.

Along with pressure from some parties for a greater role for ADOS in the arts, namely using their own actors to play real-life characters, there’s also an ongoing campaign for reparations for slavery, which would only be given to those who can prove an ADOS lineage. So if someone was descended from slaves in Barbados, they wouldn’t be eligible.

As we move into the new year, I challenge #ADOS /our allies 2 stay focused, remain steadfast & on mission, keep growing in understanding & agile enough 2 try new strategies 4 new challenges. We have what it takes 2 do what most think is impossible. Stay exceptional!✊🏾#Reparationspic.twitter.com/Yg1k0pGlJX

— For The Future Negro 🇺🇸 📰ADOS📣 (@4FutureNegro) December 27, 2020

Darity Jr. said, “While there are some individuals in the ADOS movement who are excessively concerned with immigration policy, the majority are concerned primarily with reparations specifically for the ADOS community. ADOS has a unique claim on the US government just as the former British colonies in CARICOM have a unique claim on the UK, and the Congo has a unique claim on Belgium.”

The tumultuous events of 2020 which spawned the BLM movement have added another edge to the debate. Can a newly arrived immigrant from Africa with a well-paying job and university education have the same problem with structural racism as a minimum-wage blue-collar ADOS? 

The idea of growing up somewhere, compared to relocating, is vastly different, as ADOS founder Antonio Moore has expressed with feeling. “The audacity that it takes to come to a post-‘Cosby Show’ America for less than a lifetime and feel the right to interject half-baked opinions about American black life is something I still can’t understand.” 

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The US’ fury over the China-Europe investment deal shows how rattled & isolated they are. It’s clear who’s been 2020’s big winner

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It’s no coincidence that Washington slapped new tariffs on European goods just hours after the agreement was signed. A year of repeatedly seeking the international vilification and isolation of Beijing has ended in abject failure.

European Union leaders, including Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Ursula von der Leyen hosted a virtual summit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Thursday and sealed a comprehensive EU-China investment treaty. Described as the most “ambitious agreement that China has ever concluded with a third country,” the agreement serves to open up a number of sectors in China to European investment, substantially expanding their market access whilst also preserving Beijing’s existing stake within Europe. 

The United States reacted with fury. The signing created a storm of controversy in Washington, with Deputy National Security Advisor Matthew Pottinger descending into a tirade, accusing the EU of disregarding the interests of the US on the eve of a new administration. 

#BREAKING Matt Pottinger, Deputy @WHNSC Advisor tells European #IPAC Co-chairs: “Leaders in both U.S. political parties and across the U.S. government are perplexed and stunned that the EU is moving towards a new investment treaty right on the eve of a new U.S. administration.” pic.twitter.com/m4rjcVmNef

— Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (@ipacglobal) December 30, 2020

Although the deal’s been in the offing for a while, having been negotiated over seven years, Beijing set a goal with the EU to complete it in 2020 and pulled it off. Despite this, the US media had become increasingly complacent that it would not happen, with a pending Biden administration official having last week sought to send a message to the EU to unite against China.

Suddenly, within hours of this deal having been agreed, the Trump administration slapped new tariffs specifically targeting goods from France and Germany. Although these measures are stated to be part of the longstanding dispute between Boeing and Airbus, the timing is no coincidence, and it seems apparent that they are a targeted retaliation against the EU’s deal with China. One that undercuts the US position and rubbishes talk of a “transatlantic alliance” against Beijing, with Commission President von der Leyen stating: “Tomorrow’s post-COVID world needs a strong EU-China relationship, to build forward better.”

The situation represents a cold reality check for the US, and in turn an act of desperation by a losing side which will only serve to deepen the rift between America and Europe that Trump has created. Ultimately, Mike Pompeo’s talk of a “transatlantic awakening” has been exposed as utter drivel and rehashed Cold War nostalgia which has been deeply out of touch with not only the realities of contemporary Europe and the global economy, but how the administration itself has approached these issues. Thus, as 2020 comes to an end, a year where the US has sought to vilify and isolate Beijing but yielded little fruit, the Biden administration now arguably faces an enormous uphill battle if he seeks to fix this “sledgehammer” effort.

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The US’ obsession over common liberal values and a shared cultural heritage ignores an increasingly apparent reality that Washington and the EU are, in fact, differing and even competing geo-political actors. This transatlantic fracture has been brewing for a long time, but it has increasingly come to the surface under Donald Trump, who has had no hesitation in treating Europe as a trade competitor and seeing its protected market as a challenge to American interests. Despite this, the US simultaneously has seen European support for its security policies as a given, blinded by the historical legacies of World War II and the Cold War, and the belief that America “saved Europe.”

The White House has been contentious towards the EU, while simultaneously attempting to arm-twist it into compliance in its neo-Cold War against China, with Pompeo arguing that they have an obligation to do so as “free nations.” 

Europe isn’t gullible enough to believe that, though. For example, the US has been using semiconductor sanctions on Huawei to block European companies from doing business with it, whilst issuing exceptions to American companies to seek to dominate the market. As a result, it may be construed that the US and EU are in fact competing against themselves over China, and thus it is no surprise that EU officials have shown no interest in siding with a trajectory which only serves to benefit the United States. Now, they can claim victory for choosing the path of negotiation over a rhetoric of threats.

The result is that the American position, despite all the fiery rhetoric, is increasingly isolated when it comes to China. It’s demanded other countries decouple and cut ties with Beijing in the same way it is doing, but the opposite is happening, because it’s really about US interests first above everyone else, rather than ideological solidarity. The fact that they have responded to the EU by slapping on tariffs shows their deep frustration over the fact their China vision is failing to materialize, with their leverage on Beijing having just been sharply reduced. 

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The result is a further deterioration of transatlantic ties, leaving Biden with a much more difficult task to rebuild them. His new presidency is not going to succeed in this unless it accepts the pragmatic reality very early on that China is not the Soviet Union, but an increasingly dominant economic superpower that countries around the world want to engage with, as opposed to signing up to a zero-sum ideological vision. Despite all the disruption, upheaval, and hatred vented towards Beijing, it’s pretty obvious that they have won 2020, and that Trump contributed to this victory more than anyone else. 

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China’s economy predicted to outgrow US’ by 2028 – ironically, Trump’s trade war & Covid response only speed that process up

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In contemporary history the US hasn’t faced a rival that could outperform it both economically and militarily. The rise of China, combined with the US’ poor response to the Covid pandemic, stands as a game changer.

A recent study by a Britishthink tank, the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), states that China will surpass the US to become the world’s largest economy by 2028. 

The report, not the only one of its kind making this forecast, had revised its projection forwards by five years, attributing the Covid-19 pandemic as a gamechanger which will take its toll on US growth in the long term. 

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This comes amid Donal Trump’s attempt to solidify an aggressive legacy against Beijing, having sought to forcefully contain its rise and sustain American primacy, applying punitive measures in trade and technology.

However, Trump’s efforts might just be too little, too late. Whilst China is choosing to avoid being complacent, with a Global Times editorial seeking to play down the significance of the CEBR report, there seems to be little question it will reach this landmark. China is expected to achieve a mammoth growth of 8.2 percent next year on top of an already positive GDP tier this year, whilst the US and many western countries recover from severe slumps. If anything, Trump has ultimately contributed to this shift rather than having had any meaningful success in trying to stop it. The President’s forfeiting of the Covid-19 pandemic will pose lasting damage to America, and this might explain the hyper aggression towards China that has dictated US foreign policy over the past few months.

In all its contemporary history, the US had not yet faced an adversary that was capable of outclassing it in terms of economic and military capabilities. The story of America’s rise throughout the 19th and 20th centuries has seen them defeat and outlast a number of rivals, including a once more dominant Mexico, the German Empire and later Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, the Empire of Japan and, of course, the European colonial empires of France and Britain. 

Indeed, since the 1920s the US has stood as the world’s largest economy and by extension, military power. Despite the flames of American McCarthyism spreading fear, at an economic level the US and the USSR didn’t really compete in the same league during the Cold War: the Soviet Union produced barely half of America’s Gross Domestic Product at its finale in 1991. 

However, the rise of China stands as a gamechanger, as it’s the first country in history that is set to not only outgrow the US but, according to the CEBR report, to quickly leave them behind, too. Whilst the average per-capita income in China still lags well behind that of the US, the prospect of it being larger is daunting enough and, not surprisingly, has set off the alarm bells in Washington. 

The Donald Trump administration transformed America’s foreign policy from cooperation to confrontation against Beijing, seeking to attack it on a number of fronts including trade, technology and investment. Yet, as his tenure comes to an end, it appears ultimately that China is closer to its goal of overtaking the US economy, than further away from it. How so?

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The answer is Covid-19. The global pandemic has been an explosive turning point which has decimated the economies of western countries whilst China itself has come out intact, much to the resentment of many. But, rather than scapegoating Beijing for the virus, it is Trump’s own response to this crisis that has served as a self-fulfilling prophecy, with the President having long-since given up on trying to combat the virus, allowing the situation to spiral out of control. Although vaccinations have started, America is not out of the woods yet, with over 200,000 positive cases racking up every day and over 330,000 people now dead. The impact on the American economy subsequently has been harrowing, with renewed state lockdowns and curfews sapping away the recovery. As the CEBR report notes, US growth in the coming years will simply be no match for China’s.

Not surprisingly, this scenario is likely the logic which has driven the administration’s decision to pursue a hyper-aggressive, Cold War-like approach to Beijing, and to force through as many measures against it as possible before it leaves office, all geared at attempting to lockstep American hegemony. These tactics are not an affirmation of victory or confidence, but a sense of and urgency concerning a contest it is not guaranteed to win. Yet, there is a feeling of too little, too late. US actions aside, with China being the only stable market in the world in 2020, inbound foreign investment is at record levels; thus, despite all the fiery rhetoric, they are already swimming against a shifting tide.

In this case, Trump himself departs as a disruptive influence to US-China ties, but nonetheless a factor which has ultimately contributed to the shift in the balance of power in Beijing’s favour, then to their detriment. 

2020 will be looked-back-on in history books as one of those crucial years which set the stage for everything to change, in the same way 1914, 1939, 1945 and 1991 did, with the Covid-19 pandemic not only imposing drastic changes in how the world lives, but also shifting geopolitical tectonics from East to West. Whilst a lot can change in eight years, it is difficult to imagine China not reaching such a goal. Time isn’t on America’s side.

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US continues its long history of using death squads, this time in Afghanistan. This is nothing but horrifying

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Daniel Kovalik teaches International Human Rights at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, and is author of the recently-released No More War: How the West Violates International Law by Using “Humanitarian” Intervention to Advance Economic and Strategic Interests.

The dark story of the CIA running death squads in Afghanistan recently broken by the Intercept follows a very long pattern of US foreign policy going back to the 1960s.

According to The Intercept, “Beginning in December 2018 and continuing for at least a year, Afghan operatives believed to belong to an elite CIA-trained paramilitary unit known as 01, in partnership with U.S. special operations forces and air power, unleashed a campaign of terror against civilians.” This unit carried out night raids in which they reportedly killed civilians, including children. In one night raid alone, targeting a religious school known as a madrassa, 12 children were killed.

The use of such death squads to kill civilians is shocking, but it is not at all surprising given the US’ long-time use of death squads to destroy insurrectionary movements in the developing world. Indeed, it is fair to say that it is standard operating procedure for the US.

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The very idea for the modern use of death squads traces its roots back to the early 1960s when US General William P. Yarborough first conceived of them as an instrument to advance US economic interests by violently destroying the progressive social movements in Latin America which began to emerge at the time in response to the Cuban Revolution and the Second Vatican Council which inspired the rise of Liberation Theology and the focus on uplifting the poor. 

However, as an article by the Wilson Center notes, the idea of death squads goes back even farther than the 1960’s, reflecting “decades of accumulated experience, beginning with the US effort to squelch Filipino independence after the War of 1898. It also reflected European imperial practices, including the British in Malaya and French in Algeria.”

General Yarborough’s idea of institutionalizing death squads in the modern era was motivated by a desire to get around the growing human rights concerns of the international community by having unofficial, secret military outfits which could give plausible deniability to both the US government and the government of US client states. In other words, they would, in the words of General Yarborough, be a “hidden weapon . . . of hired killers” which would carry out the dirty war which the regular troops “cannot do officially.”

The US would first try out its death squad program in Colombia to destroy the progressive movement there being led by radical peasants, trade unionists and Liberation Catholic priests. These death squads continue to this day.

The US would go on to utilize death squads in other Latin American countries, most famously in El Salvador. Most notably, the US-backed death squads in El Salvador would carry out the murder of Archbishop Oscar Romero, declared a saint by Pope Francis, in 1980, and then the murder of six Jesuit priests in 1989 – these high-profile murders of clergy would punctuate the beginning and the end of the brutal Salvadoran civil war which would claim the lives of 75,000 Salvadorans.

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In Honduras, the US has utilized death squads for decades to suppress various left-wing and progressive movements there as well as to harass neighboring states such as Nicaragua and its Sandinista-led government. As writer T.J. Coles explains, under President Ronald Reagan, the US “launched psychological operations against domestic leftism in Honduras. This involved morphing a special police unit into a military intelligence squad guilty of kidnap, torture, and murder: Battalion 316. Inducing a climate of fear in workers, union leaders, intellectuals, and human rights lawyers is a way of ensuring that progressive ideas like good healthcare, free education, and decent living standards don’t take root.” 

While Battalion 316 was disbanded in the early 1990s, the US created a new death squad unit after the successful US-backed coup in Honduras in 1989 to suppress left-wing anti-coup groups in that country. As Coles explains, with funding by the US Southern Command, “the 250-person Special Response Security Unit (TIGRES) was established near Lepaterique. The TIGRES are trained by the U.S. Green Berets or 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) and described by the U.S. Army War College as a ‘paramilitary police force.’” The TIGRES continue to operate in Honduras today with significant US support.

But the US has not limited its use of death squads to Latin America. Thus, it would go on to use death squads in Vietnam as part of the CIA’s infamous Phoenix Program through which around 20,000 Vietnamese were assassinated.

The US would also use death squads in Iraq after the 2003 invasion, openly referring to its program there as the ‘Salvador Option’. The ‘Salvador Option’ was brought to Iraq by retired US Colonel Jim Steele who had helped develop the death squad program in El Salvador in the 1980’s. 

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In Iraq, the US unleashed Shia death squad units against “the Sunni population as well as the insurgents and their supporters and anyone else who was unlucky enough to get in the way. It was a classic counterinsurgency,” the Guardian reported. “It was also letting a lethal, sectarian genie out of the bottle. The consequences for Iraqi society would be catastrophic. At the height of the civil war two years later 3,000 bodies a month were turning up on the streets of Iraq — many of them innocent civilians of sectarian war.” 

For some time, the US was also carrying out the ‘Salvador Option’ in Syria in an attempt to destabilize the Assad government there.

The most recent revelations about the CIA-backed death squad unit in Afghanistan demonstrates that America’s deadly imperial project continues into the 21st century. This project is a reactionary one, designed as it is to suppress independent, anti-colonial movements, many times with goals to create more economically just and equitable societies. 

For all of its chest-thumping about spreading human rights and democracy throughout the world, the US, at heart, remains the preeminent force in the world against national liberation, and the means it uses to carry out this retrograde project is nothing less than horrifying.

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As rival US administrations antagonize China & Russia in turn, it’s clear for Beijing & Moscow they must stick together

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Donald Trump has missed his opportunity to reapproach Russia, and the Biden administration is unlikely to ramp down hostility towards China. As a result, Washington itself has outlined prospects for a Moscow-Beijing partnership.

On Tuesday, Japan and South Korea were alarmed by a joint Russia-China bomber patrol which came close to their airspace, described as “a show of increasingly close military ties between Moscow and Beijing.” The jets flew down the Korean Eastern Sea (Sea of Japan) before heading south towards the East China Sea, both areas being the scene of particularly contentious territorial disputes between various countries. The patrol is not the first of its kind, the previous one being in July 2019, yet its timing is auspicious as the Trump administration comes to an end, with the White House having launched a confrontation against Beijing widely described as a new Cold War, and simultaneously having missed a window to attempt to reconcile ties with Moscow.

There is no China-Russia alliance as of yet to speak of, but there is an increasingly closer strategic partnership whereby the two partners see each other as a necessary counterweight to the West. The two powers do not see eye to eye on everything, but the mantra of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ suffices well in this situation. The complimentary addition of China gives Moscow leverage in its relationships with Japan and South Korea, whilst for Beijing, Moscow is a strong counterweight against broader efforts of US military containment. With the Biden administration likely to be far more anti-Russia in its approach than Trump, we should ultimately expect this axis to consolidate.

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Trump’s failed attempt to enlist Russia against China

The Trump administration was at its heart, and quite obviously, not hostile to Russia. This of course proved to be its Achilles heel. Whilst Pompeo begged to differ, branding Moscow recently a “threat to our way of life,” on a strategic level the president was seemingly eager to try and improve ties to enlist Moscow as a potential strategic counterweight to Beijing. There is some evidence for this. For example, the president attempted to invite Putin back into the G8, a bloc which he was aiming to transform into an anti-China coalition, whilst he recently chose to blame China, as opposed to Russia, for a recent hack of US email accounts and institutions, and for the first time since 2011, Moscow has been invited to join a joint naval exercise with the US and its partners in the Indian Ocean.

However, it was always quite evident that Trump did not have the political space to reapproach Moscow in any serious way, especially given for the past four years the Democrats sledgehammered the president with allegations of collusion with Russia, and that longstanding issues such as with Ukraine failed to be resolved. Not surprisingly, this has all set the tone for the incoming Biden administration, which contrary to Trump’s more personal reconciliatory tone on Moscow, is likely to be far more hostile and will certainly play this up in aiming to dismantle parts of his predecessor’s domestic legacy. This change will come amid the current president’s bid to keep up the heat on China, which will have strategic consequences.

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An evolving axis

The result is that Moscow and Beijing share common grievances with the United States and its allies on a military and economic level. The specific theatres and regions at stake are largely different, bar some areas of overlap, yet the clout of a strategic partnership and the symbolic collusion of power matters significantly, as well as the ideological counterweight each offers the other against Western influence. Given the nature of the recent air patrol, one particular area where this has big implications is North East Asia, that is, the region surrounding the Korean Peninsula, Japan, and Russia’s Far East.

Here, both partners hold the common view that the increasing militarization of the US and allies in the region is detrimental to their interests. Just days ago, Japan announced a new record military budget, a move which is aimed at China and the US’ ‘Indo-Pacific’ initiative. South Korea also did the same thing. These record increases in military spending in these countries illustrate the changing international environment, and as result, Moscow and Beijing are collaborating by pooling their leverage to sustain the balance of power in their interests.

Whilst it remains unlikely that this shared sentiment will spread to Eastern Europe or the South China Sea, where both parties have different priorities, nevertheless, the rise of a Biden administration which wields mutual hostility to both is likely to foster broader cooperation, especially in fields such as technology, munitions, energy, finance, agriculture and potentially more things. This might not yet be enough to describe as an alliance, but it certainly is a comprehensive collusion of interests which the strategic context is aiming to consolidate. It would take an unprecedented breakthrough for the new administration to be able to change this trend, and there’s no indication, likewise with Trump and Moscow, that he will have the political will or space to do so.

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US charges for new Lockerbie suspect 32 years on are a dismal show of mawkish grandstanding

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Attorney General William Barr’s announcement of charges for the man who allegedly made the bomb that blew up Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988 feels like the last desperate measure in a sorry saga that has lasted more than three decades.

America wields an unhealthy, mawkish obsession with terrorist attacks. It lets them fester to prolong the pain, like some national ritual. That’s why there was an inevitability about Attorney General William Barr’s latest manoeuvring over the Lockerbie bombing this week.

The incident occurred over the skies of southern Scotland in 1988, as a jumbo jet on its way from London to Detroit via New York exploded at 31,000 feet. All 243 passengers plus 16 crew members on board Pan Am Flight 103 were killed, as were 11 people on the ground.

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In the aftermath, all the intelligence reported to the media created the impression that Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was the orchestrator.

And now, to mark the occasion, exactly 32 years on, Barr has announced charges are being brought against a new suspect. Mohammed Abouagela Masud is suspected of making an explosive device and delivering it to be loaded onto the plane.

Oddly, Barr made these claims in 2012 to Libyan investigators after the fall of Gaddafi’s regime.

Why it has taken eight years to charge Masud isn’t clear. Although perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise, as the entire investigation has been mired in controversy from the very outset.

Charges were first brought in November 1991 against two suspects. The then-acting attorney general played up to the gallery, declaring: “We have the resolve and the ability to track down – no matter how long it takes – those responsible for terrorist acts against Americans.” It will come as no shock to hear those were the words of William Barr during his first spell in his current role.

In 2000, two Libyans, Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi and Lamen Khalifa Fhimah, stood trial. The following year, al-Megrahi was found guilty and given a life sentence and Fhimah acquitted.

Their trial took place under the Scottish legal system, but with input from representatives of the US Department of Justice in a court at a disused US Air Force base near the Dutch city of Utrecht. That bizarre situation was brokered by a number of individuals, including Nelson Mandela and Tony Blair. It was a non-jury trial, so three Scottish judges delivered the verdicts, and they were confirmed in the resulting appeal. 

It was 2002 before al-Megrahi took residence in a Glasgow prison, but even before he entered his cell, there were cries of a miscarriage of justice. Mandela, for one, spoke of how he had new evidence that cast doubt on the Libyan’s guilt. 

Jim Swire, whose daughter Flora was on the plane, led a campaign to clear al-Megrahi’s name and kept that fight going for over a decade. He said, “We have a common interest; to have the verdict against him re-examined.” 

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In 2009, al-Megrahi was released from prison on compassionate grounds, as he had terminal prostate cancer. He returned to Libya amid bizarre scenes, with a crowd at the airport greeting him like a gold-medal winning Olympian. That kicked off a debate as to whether he should have been allowed to spend his remaining time as a free man.

Swire said, “The scandal around Megrahi is not that a sick man was released, but that he was ever convicted in the first place.” But then US President Barack Obama countered, “I think all of us here in the United States were surprised, disappointed and angry about the release.” 

Despite only being expected to survive a few months, al-Megrahi battled on for another three years before succumbing to his illness.

This caused many to speculate that the cancer had been a lie, but US diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks revealed it was “inoperable and incurable.”

They also revealed how the British government was saying one thing in public and acting very differently behind closed doors. One theory was the deal to send him home related to BP gaining access to Libyan oil, which Gaddafi’s son Saif denied. “This was one animal and the other was the compassionate release. They are two completely different animals,” he claimed.

In what became a never-ending story of appeals, the case boiled down to whether a Maltese shopkeeper was able to accurately identify al-Megrahi as someone who had bought clothes from him. These were the garments in the suitcase containing the bomb.

The latest appeal ended last month with the verdict being the trial judges were “fully entitled to infer” al-Megrahi had been involved in the bombing. Hardly a ringing endorsement of guilt and it did nothing to convince the court of public opinion.

So barely a fortnight later and in his last major act before he exits as attorney general, Barr has appeared again like he did in 1991 proclaiming to have found the culprit – who will have to be extradited from Libya, which in all likelihood will never happen.

This debacle could still be unresolved by the time Barr and plenty of others have passed on judging by the length of time it’s taken to get to this point: a questionable conviction and a new suspect appearing out of the wild, blue yonder.

It clearly haunts Barr that his vow to hunt down the perpetrators in 1991 now looks embarrassing. His latest act is a PR exercise to make it look like the world’s most powerful nation has eyes on everyone, no matter what dark corners they are lurking in. But the reality is it doesn’t.

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The end of American power: Don’t blame Trump, and don’t expect Biden to save it either

And how sickening is it to bring new charges on the 32nd anniversary of the bombing? It has the feel of a faded pop band announcing a tour to celebrate their only hit single to stay in the limelight and earn a final pay packet. It also speaks to the American need to stoke the fires of revenge and pain simultaneously.

The US turned hunting Osama bin Laden into a national soap opera, before killing him and throwing his corpse into the ocean. It has also shown what it is capable of with Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. Nothing is off limits in the quest for vengeance.

America selectively forgets all the conflicts it has fueled, how its state actors have fired missiles and killed people in so many lands. Any damage to it is seen as more important, so terrorist attacks from decades ago are kept alive on media-powered ventilators.

William Barr and the US government are conducting a dirty game and it does nothing for the memory of the 270 innocent souls who perished in 1988.

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War on Chinese tech is a way for the US to continue spying on YOU and the rest of the world unchallenged

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America has been increasingly concerned about the potential for surveillance from leading Chinese tech companies. But a new report suggests the US is primarily concerned with maintaining its own dominance of digital espionage.

A running theme of Donald Trump’s administration over the past four years has been its relentless campaign against Chinese technology.

Claiming that companies such as Huawei, ZTE, Bytedance (the owner of TikTok) and many more are extensions of China’s surveillance state and are used to spy on people, the White House has sought to penalize them with sanctions, bans and export blacklistings, while encouraging other countries to shun them in the same way.

The narrative of the threat of Huawei, in particular, is one that has been largely taken at face value by the mainstream media in the west, with virtually no questioning of America’s motivations.

While one can talk about the US deliberately aiming to contain China’s technological rise to its own strategic ends, what if there was another angle to this saga? What if this crusade against Chinese firms was more about America’s ability to spy, rather than Beijing’s?

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China lambastes Washington after US hits 58 Chinese entities with procurement ban for alleged ‘military ties’

That’s what an intriguing new report on the Foreign Policy website might just be suggesting. The article claims that China, through its growing presence online, has allegedly been able to obtain enormous amounts of personal data, which in turn has been utilized to undermine and intercept the activities of the CIA around the world, especially when targeting Beijing.

It is argued that this strongly motivated Xi Jinping’s own anti-corruption drive several years ago, which aimed to purge the influence of the CIA from the Communist Party.

And so, the saga about the ‘threat’ of Chinese technology arguably has two sides to it. We are now in a ‘data cold war’, a strategic conflict for a new age which is far more extensive and sophisticated than Washington’s tensions with the USSR in days gone by.

Although the US attempts to portray itself as an innocent party in terms of global espionage by drawing a contrast with China – touting developments such as the misleading “Clean Network” – the reality is that it fears a future where global technology will be dominated by Beijing. This will undermine its own surveillance capabilities, which have traditionally been unparalleled.

As a result, it is spreading opportunistic paranoia that every single Chinese company is potentially ‘guilty by association’. But it’s not so much about what China has been proven to have done, than what the US itself is doing and has long done.

The past 20 years have heralded a digital revolution. Our lives have become inseparable from the online world. We communicate online via social media and messaging applications, we shop online, we bank online, we carry devices with GPS capabilities which set out every single place we’ve ever been. The Internet’s influence is everywhere.

This data matters, because whoever accesses it has the potential to be omniscient. During the first Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union, this factor did not exist. What was described as ‘espionage’ involved methods that now seem extremely old-fashioned, such as intercepting radio signals and relying on informants. The idea of hacking, and being able to access a comprehensive record of every single thing a person has ever done, was a fantasy that belonged in a science fiction novel.

But the ‘new cold war’ is very much immersed in the internet and online world. While the contest between the USA and USSR revolved around ideological dominance, now the US is battling with China to sustain its dominance in the digital sphere.

On this premise, it must be noted that it is Washington that has crafted and spearheaded the world of internet surveillance, rather than Beijing. It’s a trend which massively accelerated following 9/11 and the dramatic expansion of the National Security Agency (NSA).

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Trump says he’ll ‘make China very unhappy’ by VETOING defense bill

Let us not forget that all of the world’s major internet companies – such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook – are American. Through programs such as PRISM and XKEYSCORE they supply data to the US government. It is nigh on impossible for one’s data to avoid going through the US, which has enabled Washington to build a surveillance network with global reach.

Clearly, the rise of China as a growing internet and telecommunications player automatically challenges the dominance of the Americans and, as per the report, is allowing Beijing to undermine the operations of the CIA, which it is often the target of.

In 2017, the New York Times reported that China had successfully crippled CIA operations inside the country, showing the strength of its counter-espionage operation. Even if we recognize that allegations against companies such as Huawei have been opportunistic, it is implausible to deny the reality that with China’s strides in artificial intelligence and in other domains, its own espionage capabilities have become highly sophisticated.

And so, by default, Beijing has become a threat in an area which America has long dominated as the only major player. Thus, by aiming to contain leading Chinese technology companies, Washington is seeking to maintain its status as the world’s centre of gravity on the internet and, by extension, espionage.

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KRS-One – You Like Me Lyrics

As long as I’m dancin
Actin or rappin
Walkin around like
I don’t know what’s happenin
You like me (x4)

If I’m talkin bout drinkin
And nothin bout thinkin
As long as I’m high
And I never ask why
You like me (x4)

But the second I start with the state of the economy
Black leadership, Black gods and Black sovereignty
That’s when you can’t seem to follow me, confusion
You feel like you losin, I’m no longer amusin
This song’s about choosin, choosin why you cruisin
Either Black entertainment or the Black Revolution
People love to see a young Black man rap
Until he wakes up and realize he’s caught in the trap

So as long as I’m dancin
Actin or rappin
Walkin around like
I don’t know what’s happenin
You like me (x4)

If I’m talking bout drinkin
And nothin bout thinkin
As long as I’m high
And I never ask why
You like me (x4)

But the minute I get in it bout the way these rappers spit it
The minute I start spittin that truth here comes a critic
I freestyle off the top like removin ya yankee fitted
But they not really checkin for skills, they want the gimmick
Many of the challenges we face, we could solve em
But there’s no trust, no unity, and that’s the problem
Black people fightin amongst themselves that’s the problem
White people fightin amongst themselves that’s the problem
US foreign policy is simply just bomb em
Rebels against they own government, the US arms em
Then when things get outta hand, yeah they try to calm em
More money, more diplomacy, just charm em
If that doesn’t work then they move to “Osama”
Turn him into a terrorist, so they can disarm em
Through the corporate media, we don’t stand a chance
But too many people wanna us to just stand and dance

So as long as I’m dancin
Actin or rappin
Walkin around like
I don’t know what’s happenin
You like me (x4)

If I’m talking bout drinkin
And nothin bout thinkin
As long as I’m high
And I never ask why
You like me (x4)

You like me, you like me, you like me
You like me, you like me, you like me

Jahmiel Kicks Off US Tour Ahead Of Europe and Africa

Wrapping up 2017 with a growing catalog, Jahmiel delivered a solid body of work, which resulted in him being billed for some upcoming major festivals in Europe and Africa where he will perform for the first time.

Jahmiel, who is currently getting ready for his first U.S. tour, Strongest Soldier, is set to hit 15 cities over a 3-week time frame. The trek will take Jahmiel across some major US cities including Arizona, Kansas City, Oakland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Raleigh and Charlotte just to name a few. At the end of the US leg he will have little down time before he packs his bags and heads to Africa for the first time in his career. He has a highly anticipated performance at The Independence Stadium in Bakau, Gambia.

The trip to Gambia, will also give Jahmiel an opportunity to partake in some charitable work as well as connect with some of the youths who his songs has resonate with.

“Definitely pleased at the direction my career is going and the ability to show growth over the past two years. Going to Gambia is definitely something I have been looking forward to since we received the call last year and looking forward to delivering and greeting my fans” Jahmiel told Dancehall HipHop.

On January 13th Jahmiel will perform on the 25th anniversary of Rebel Salute, a show he says that he is looking forward to performing on since this will be the first time he is returning to the annual event since Mavado first introduced him a few years ago. The “Heaven” singer has had a phenomenal year last year with a slew of hits and some well received performances on some big shows. This year, he is certainly looking to repeat that success and broaden his international appeal. Stay tuned for more tour dates to be announced by his team later this month.

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Strong Turnout For Shaggy & Friends Millions Raised For Kids

Shaggy and Friends saw a strong turnout from patrons on Saturday as the festival raises millions of dollars for kids.

The addition of several international acts to the lineup this year help drew more attention to the cause. Since it’s inception in 2009, Shaggy and Friends saw one of its biggest turnouts last night. The show’s organizers say they are currently doing the tally and will announce in a press conference just how much people were in attendance and how much funds were raised.

Artists like Wyclef Jean, Sting, and Doug E. Fresh all traveled from overseas to perform for the cause and let’s be clear, artists were not paid to perform, they all did it for free. The proceeds from the music festival will go towards the Bustamante Hospital for Children, which is the only children’s hospital in Jamaica serving kids from all over the Caribbean. Since 2009, Shaggy’s Make A Difference Foundation has raised over US$1.5 million for the hospital which has been used to expand the facility and purchase needed medical equipment.

Co-producer of the event, Rebecca Packer-Burrel, who is Shaggy’s wife, says they are aiming to raise US$1 million from this year’s show which will be used to expand the ICU section of the hospital. Shaggy noted that their plans could be hampered by land space so he is issuing a plea to the Jamaica Defense Force who owns a large parcel of land where the hospital is located to donate one acre. The dancehall legend says that the ICU only has five beds and is desperately in need of more space to serve the demand.

“We have five beds in the ICU for the whole of Jamaica,” Shaggy said. “So we have to expand the building, that’s where the challenge will be. We need more land, we’re on JDF land.”

Local artists like Ding Dong, Shenseea, Dexta Daps, and Aidonia all delivered solid sets. Watch a segment of Aidonia’s performance below.

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Khago Threatens To Box Sizzla and Do What With His Mother

Khago just elevate his beef with Sizzla to a whole new level.

The dancehall deejay posted a video on social media this week going in on the reggae icon over an old feud. Over the past two weeks we’ve seen Sizzla taking on LA Lewis and even sending his goons after the self-proclaimed 7-Star general. Lewis has since been pleading with Kalonji to called off his men and even suggested that a hit is out for his head and his kids are getting caught up in the melee.

Khago, on the other hand, is taking matters into his own hands and issued a threat to box Sizzla and didn’t mince words when he told the icon to do all sort of things to his mother. According to Khago, his beef with Kalonji stemmed from a female from Mandeville that he used to date. He revealed in his rant that Sizzla dated the same female before he hooked up with her and that’s what started their old feud from 2012.

The “Nah Sell Out” deejay is now living in the US so he will likely not received the same level of physical harassment as LA Lewis, but we’re told that Sizzla has goons all over the place and they have their eyes on Khago.

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RICK ROSS – Apple Of My Eye lyrics

Just being somebody that the neighborhood respected
And my mama could be proud of, was the apple of my eye
That’s all I ever wanted, just to being something man
At that point what else can you ask for?

Tears running out of a nigga face
In a room full of failures I feel out of place
Still sleeping on the floor when you deserve better
Got you reeking through the cold even in warm weather
I told Meek I wouldn’t trust Nicki, instead of beefing with your dog you just give him some distance
We all make mistakes, lets not be to specific
You rather be a killer than be statistic
An never fold no I never ran
On my soul I’ll roll like an avalanche
I thank the lord I got some great friends
That’s why every bottle I open I say amen
Just had seizure at the Super Bowl
Woke up in the third quarter looking for the smoke
If its more then a quarter million, Ill count it twice
Poochie broke my heart shit I call it life
An never will I call it rite
Not perfect but I’m the one you would call at night
Traveling the world, I’m just reppin’ my city
But rarely do I hear that this nigga done did it
When niggas in fatigues will keep you intrigued
Cause the loss of lifes the only thing that niggas believe
So I pray you listen carefully
Then I become another muthafuckin’ casualty

Always speak and say right
I just never ever walk on by
(never ever walk on by)
You even stop and put one in the sky
(the sky)
You do it for the love of you and I
(for the love of you and..)

Standin’ on your block but you so out of place
Uncle on the couch, momma running out of space
Lights off so you never tend to speak much
Go your separate ways every time the lease up
A fat ugly nigga thought I’d never be nothing
Another tree stump, happy with his free lunch
Duckin’ pigeons, I’m an eagle on a sunny day
Flap my wings once a week, pray I glide safe
I want fried chicken at my funeral
Rolls Royces, dope boys, Sway interviews
Everybody dying for the same things
Cop kill a nigga don’t nobody gangbang
I’m happy Donald Trump became the president
Because we gotta destroy, before we elevate
Real shit, look at me inside the white house
With a pocket full of weed inside the white house
Dead presidents tattooed on a nigga chest
U.S. treasury addressing me, mad at my address
Own the biggest residential pool is the US
Drake and Kanye can invite every bitch they ever met
Finger fuckin’ bitches in the holy water
Then I go an tell what happened to my only daughter
So her daddy told it to her firsthand
Never perfect but its not just bout them purses

Always speak and say right
I just never ever walk on by
(never ever walk on by)
You even stop and put one in the sky
(the sky)
You do it for the love of you and I

The streets could never teach me
All the things I got from you
I found myself in the wrong lane
And I ended up in pain (Pain)
I was strolling down a dark street
When this girl passed me by
She said you’ve always been a good friend
(Always been a good friend)
And you never never never let me down
I’ll just fall back never turn back
Let it go let it go
I’ll just fall back never turn back
Let it go let it go

Always speak and say right
I just never ever walk on by
(never ever walk on by)
You even stop and put one in the sky
(the sky)
You do it for the love of you and I
(for the love of you and I)

Pink Guy – Dog Festival Directions (Pink Season Album)

If you want to eat some dog
I have good news
There’s an annual dog festival
Where you can eat all the dog you want
And it’s located in Yulin Guangxi China
And the festival spans about ten days
With 15 thousand dogs consumed
And it goes from the 21st to the 30th of June
I just wanna let you know
I’m just tryna’ be a bro
So you first take a flight to Guangzhou China
Once you get off at that airport
You wanna ask around for the Guangxi provincial bus
And it costs 20 US dollars
And it’s a four and a half hour ride
And you get off at Maoming West
Just remember Maoming West
Now you might have to stay there a full night
Depending on the time you arrive
Because the next bus that goes to Yulin only runs like once a day
And you have to buy another ticket
It’s about another 22 bucks
But from there it goes straight to Yulin
Soon enough you’ll be eating some dog
Now there are about 8 available hotels in Yulin
I’m checking online now
I suggest the Yulin Lijing International Hotel
Offering a sauna, fitness center
Wow it’s not too bad at all
Nevermind, it’s 50 bucks a night
But with free complementary breakfast
And a free cancelation fee
So it’s not a bad as I thought
When you’re ready the concierge will know exactly which festival you’re talking about
And he or she will give you directions
So take a cab
But don’t get ripped off
If you’re white they’ll charge you double
I shit you not
I shit you not
But anyways enjoy your flight
Enjoy the dog festival

Run DMC – Jam-Master Jay (Run-Dmc Deluxe Reissue Album)

Kick off shoes, jump on the jock
Listen to the Jam Master as he starts to rock
His name is Jay and he’s on his way
To be the best DJ in the US of A

J-a-y are the letters of his name
Cutting and scratching are the aspects of his game
So check out the Master as he cuts these jams
And look at us with the mics in our hands
Then take a count, 1 2 3
Jam Master Jay, Run-D.M.C

He’s Jam Master Jay, the big beat blaster
He gets better cause he knows he has to
In ’84 he’ll be a little faster
And only practice makes a real Jam Master

We’re live as can be but we’re not singing the blues
We got to tell all y’all the good news
The good news is that there is a crew
Not 5, not 4, not 3, just 2
2 MC’s who are claiming the fame
And all other things won’t be the same
Beacause it’s about time for a brand new group
Run-D.M.C. to put you up on the scoop
We make the fly girls scream in ecstacy
We rock the freshest rhymes at a party
We put all the fellas in a daze
It’s everyone that we amaze
And we got the master of a disco scratch
There’s not a break that he can’t catch
Jam Master Jay that is his name
And all wild DJ’s he will tame
Behind the turntables is where he stands
Then there is the movement of his hands
So when asked who’s the best, y’all should say:
"Run-D.M.C. and Jam Master Jay"

Jam Master Jay is the one in charge
It’s up to him to rock beats that are truly large
He is the master of the scratch and cut
So move your arms, so move your legs
So won’t you move your butt

We’re not talking ground, we’re not talking sky
We’re not talking low, we’re not talking high
We’re not talking big, we’re not talking small
We want all of the people on off the wall
We’re not talking night, we’re not talking day
But we’re talking bout Jam Master Jay